Rickie Traeger: Happy Christmas Week, Stay Safe And Enjoy Christmas!

Hope everyone has a good week this week.  It is Christmas week!  Hard to believe it is already Christmas!  It don’t feel like Christmas, because the warm temps and no snow, LOL.   I am not complaining though.  Definitely will take this weather anytime of the winter season!

So what are your plans for this week?  

I am not sure how much i will be around this week, for obvious reasons. So my site may or may not be updated. So just heads up. 

I been trying to get back into IRacing again.  They added some new content 🙂    I just finished acing off road trucks, just before I popped on here. 

As I am typing this, someone just crashed into the river near the airport.  Hopefully they get out safely. Reports are saying the vehicle is occupied and is sinking 🙁  

I am going to pop off here and do some RS stuff.  Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas week! 



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