Rickie Traeger: Happy Thursday, My UFO THoughts

Happy Thursday!

So todays blog is going to be an opinion of mine based on what I have saw online in the last few hours.  As you know I am into the paranormal and UFO research topics.  I have an open mind and I am a firm believer there is a strong possibility of extraterrestrial life out in the vast universe.

So I am browsing the internet and come across this guy who runs a website. It is called http://www.etdatabase.com/  So feel free to go check it out to see what I am talking about here.  I was browsing the website and thought it was interesting.  BUT I came across stuff on there that is easily identifiable and they claim it is a UFO.

I do not like how people post stuff to get attention, when it is clearly not what they say it is. They may or may not have good intentions on posting such stuff. But in reality, all it is doing is hurting the credibility of the research overall on the topic. DO NOT post things that you know darn well is not a UFO, and say it is a UFO.

Now with that being said, I did come across some interesting stuff on that website. Yes, to each is his own on their thoughts and opinions.  Even though I can clearly see and identify the object in the content, maybe someone else can not, and maybe that is why they are calling it a UFO? Again, thre are some interesting things on the website. It be one of those sites to keep an eye on to see what is posted, but at the same time be very careful about the credibility.

I will say one thing though!   Years ago I saw one of the strangest things I have ever saw in my life.  I was in the passenger seat of the vehicle near Forest Hills and Riverside. I always looked up and watched the planes. I was watching this one aircraft fly overhead. There was only ONE cloud in the whole entire sky.  This plane flew into this small cloud, and disappeared.   It literally flew into this small cloud that was above the area where Sonic is now. And the plane never came out of this small cloud!  Was really strange and I will never forget that.

But what I am getting at, I was on this website and he mentions a similar incident! So to put a long story short, it is good to see other people experiencing similar stuff.  Weird weird world we live in




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