Rickie Traeger: I just found something I want to add to my bucket list! 

  • Rickie 

So I just found something I want to add to my bucket list! 

I am in the mood to go see a movie at the theaters. It has been awhile since I have went to go see a movie.  So I popped onto the movie theater website to see what new movies are out these days, and I found this!


Yup, you can rent the theater now!   How awesome that would be to rent the theater to myself and watch a movie!  OK, maybe add  a few close people I know, lol.   I wonder if they do movie requests?  I would LOVE to see the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, on the big screen!  Or Twister!  In all honesty there are several movies I would love to see on the big screen.  It shows that they are doing back to the future, and a few other older movies. So that does show they do older movies on the big screen 🙂

I have added this to my bucket list!    Hell Ya!


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