Rickie Traeger: Jim Penniston On Fade 2 Black, Busy Work Night

I am about to listen to Jim Penniston on Fade 2 Black here in a second.  I missed the live show, so I have to watch the show archive on Youtube. Which I am about to listen too 🙂    I always look forward to listening to Jim when he does his shows.  

It has been a busy day in Rockford today and tonight.  Several shooting incidents and a few accident scenes.   So I been working all night long, and that is why I missed the F2B show.  

I did have a pleasant surprise at the one scene. I was filming and waiting for the crime scene units to process stuff. I was waiting for some good scene photos and videos, and was filming some b-film in the mean time waiting to film the crime scene units.  I noticed a vehicle approach me, and it ended up being Chief O’Shea.   Him and I chatted for a lil bit.   It was good to talk to him. And nice of him to stop and say hi.   He has always treated RS well.  Yes, I am against the encryption, lol.  But O’Shea has treated RS pretty well. It was a pleasant surprise for him to stop and say hi.  Since he was cool, I figured I show mutual respect and leave the scene. So, I was not able to film the crime scene units doing their thing. but it was by choice. O’Shea was nice and I left the scene out of respect.  As you know I work things a 2 way street. I lost out on some good footage, but the same time it was good to see and chat with him. 

Alright, I am popping off here. I am going to listen to the Jim Penniston on Fade 2 Black! 


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