Rickie Traeger: July 15th


So I been sitting here thinking about a few random things. So instead of thinking about them inside my head, why not post them on my website and hear everyone elses thoughts and opinions on them

*  Years ago, I was going down the road and watched a small airplane go into a tiny cloud, and never came back out.  Yes, it sounds weird but thats exactly what happened. I dunno if I have ever said this experience publicly or not, I will probably write something up on it at a later date if I havent.  But back on topic… This still baffles me to this day.

* I have gained some weight, so I need to find a decent diet. Hopefully one that still lets me drink my sweet tea lol.

*  They are coming out with a new flight simulator. But not only is it for PC, it will be on the Xbox as well. So I am wondering if it is going to be realistic, or going to be “arcade” type of flying? If it was straight PC< I wouldn’t second guess it. But its coming out on a console and I dunno how realistic that is going to be on a console.

  • Speaking of Flight simulator. I am popping off to go do a few flights



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