Rickie Traeger: July 20th



Good morning everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a safe and cool weekend.   It did get pretty warm after the storms rolled through the area.

I went out and mowed the lawn yesterday.  I figured it be some good exercise to mow the lawn in the heat.  I tell you one thing, it was a hot one, lol.

I been craving watermelon and bbq lately.  I was able to get a few slices of watermelon yesterday!  OMG, delicious!!!   Now to the next goal, some good bbq!  🙂

I spent 3 or 4 hours yesterday scheduling random songs for the FB page. 1 song a day for next few months.  Some local artists, some random songs and some of my favorites. I think people need some positivity in their lives. And what better way then music!  So I scheduled 1 song a day for the next few months. So people can listen to a large variety of music. Maybe give people an opportunity to listen to a genre that they normally wouldn’t. Just giving people the opportunity to listen to music 🙂   If you would like a certain song to be posted, just send me the youtube link to the song and I will schedule it for you.

I wanted to give my condolences to Nick Peterson and his family and friends. And also to Steve Thorne and his family and friends.  May you guys rest up in there in heaven!  🙁





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