Rickie Traeger: Just Saying Thank You For The Support

  • Rickie 

After my mom passed away recently, I have not been in a blogging mood.

I know many of you follow my website, and like my posts.  I do appreciate it!

I thank you for letting me have my space and letting me grieve, during this tragic time.

Much appreciated.   So, now it is time to step back up on the plate and get back in the swing of things!

So I guess this will be my first official post being back 🙂
I want to take a second and just thank everyone for the support and love you have given me and my family during this horrific time.  Words can not describe how I feel.  I lost both my dad and mom. Words can’t describe how it feels to lose your parents.  I hope and I pray that my dad and mom are together and having a good time together in heaven.  I know we all pass away at some point in our lifetime.

But with my mom it doesnt feel real.   She goes in to the ER on January 29th for a broken arm. Found out she had cancer on that day and 2 weeks later, she is in heaven due to cancer. 🙁

I have much more to say, but I just am not in the mood right now.

Heads up, I do plan on getting back in the swing of things and blogging more.

And again, thank you for letting me have the time away to grieve.

And thank you to everyone who has prayed and showed their positive support during these difficult times.


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