Rickie Traeger: May 23rd 2020 Storm Chase Update


So I finally grabbed my gps and brought it inside and was looking at the data from the storm chase on May 23rd 2020.

Just a quick recap:  On May 23rd 2020 severe weather hit our area. It produced a few tornadoes.  The one cell I had chased from SW of Winnebago until up near Rockton. The cell was pretty intense but it couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to drop or not. At one point, it did look like the funnel touched the ground. But i was not able to confirm it due to it becoming rain wrapped.

I was told about a cell south of me that produced a tornado and the initial reports to me were saying a large tornado on the ground with debris.

So I had to make a quick decision.  Keep following this cell near Rockton or chase the one with reports of a large tornado on the ground. So, I made a mistake and chose to go after the reports of the large tornado on the ground near Chana that was going to be heading into Winnebago County. From the reports that were being told to me, it sounded like that would have been the better cell at that moment. So I went to go chase the Chana cell.  Big mistake…………………………

Shortly after I stopped chasing the rotating wall cloud near Rockton/South Beloit area, it ended up dropping a tornado!

Talk about a kick to the nuts, LOL.  I had chased that cell for awhile, then it finally produced just a short time after I had left it.   🙁

That cell to the South I went to chase, ended up being a huge bust when I got to it. Nothing but heavy heavy heavy rain!   Couldn’t see anything at all.


So, back on topic now. I pulled up the data from my GPS  and was looking at the data.  Yes, I am a few days late, LOL.   It is pretty interesting to see the data from the storm chase. I am going to see if I can upload it here somehow or if I have to manually input it. If I have to manually input the data into my website, it might take a little more longer. I should know here in a second….

K, well scratch that. I guess it is going to be a few. Because I can’t export it to here. So it appears I will be doing it manually 🙁  LOL

Dang, i was hoping it would do it automatically, lol.   Maybe I should of held off on posting this, until I can upload the data, LOL.

On side note though, my friend Kelly was able to film the Chana tornado. She was chasing that cell and was able to film it!
Congrats Kelly and Erik!

Also the NWS said the Chana tornado was an EF-1 tornado. I am not sure on the rating of the other tornadoes in the area.

I was told there were 7 tornadoes overall, I just read on the NWS site.





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