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Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful week. 

I was hoping for the 70 temps the other day, but when it finally came it was like around midnight.  Yup, colder during the day, than it was at night time. That don’t happen much. But it did. And I wasn’t able to get out to enjoy the warm sun, like I was hoping for.  And I forgot to add, it snowed the other day too…

Going to be sad when the tv show Supernatural ends soon 🙁  I am a huge fan of the show. And knowing it is almost about to end, sucks. But I understand, that all good things must come to an end at some time.  But noooooo, not Supernatural!

I love this time of the year.  Horror movies are on tv!  A lot of them 🙂   They have been playing the Halloween movies alot recently.  I kinda wished they would play some of the older stuff. Yes, Halloween is older but I mean other movies around that time frame.  They did have a Stephen King marathon, and I was able to watch Creepshow 🙂


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