Rickie Traeger: Random Thought Thursday

So here I am at 3 am on Wednesday night going into Thursday morning.  I have been cooped up in the house for weeks now. So it was inevitable that random thoughts were bound to happen, LOL.  Before I start, I can not confirm anything that is posted below. Like I said it is just random thoughts that popped in my head while being cooped up. 

  • So all these people without jobs now because of Covid-19.   I heard many companies are still going to bill their customers like as if nothing ever happened. So that means all these people who lost their jobs, will be hurting for money soon. And now we all have bills that need to be paid. But yet many don’t have money.  So how many do you think will be evicted?  How many will lose their electricity? How many will lose their heat, water, etc??? 
  • Anyone else gaining weight during this stay at home order?  Or is it just me? lol. 
  • So as many of you know I love severe weather.  We are 2 for 2, in 2020 here.  With that being said, please still keep my family down south in your thoughts and prayers! They were recently hit by a tornado 🙁 
  • So you ever wonder what it would be like with an apocalypse with electricity?  Go for a drive at night…. 
  • I really wish people would take this Covid-19 stuff seriously!  Many are dying because of it.  And yet you have people around here who are walking the bike path, going to the store just to walk around. People not keeping 6+ feet away from each other… 
  • I have  been craving chocolate!  Being cooped up and not having candy is driving me bonkers, lol. 
  • I really wish more people were on the local repeaters.  Or GMRS….

Alright enough with the random thoughts.   Hope everyone is staying inside and staying healthy!



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