Rickie Traeger: Sad and pathetic people don’t stand up for themselves

  • Rickie 

Sad and pathetic people don’t stand up for themselves and bow down to others. I tell things like it is and frankly don’t give 2 shits. I don’t play politics and cater to those who think they are better than me. We are all equal when we are born. You chose to be a spineless prick and give in. Stand up for what you believe in and tell things like they are. You get more respected that way.


I got a PM saying I was seeking attention, from my last post lol. NO, I chose to do the right thing in life and tell the truth and stand up for my beliefs. I do not chose to be rich and full of lies. In the end when we all die, we have to face that one person and face our sins. And I would rather go to him and know I have stood up and didn’t cave in to the BS. I tell it like it is, and firmly stand for my beliefs. And know I will be going North, and not South in the end.


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