Rickie Traeger: Thursday Metal Detecting Finds

  • Rickie 

Updated: Added some videos from the Gopro from today’s’ metal detecting hunt.

As you know I am new to the metal detecting hobby. It has been a long time since I did it.  Recently I got a metal detector and went and got my permit out at the park.  So I have been researching places to metal detect and metal detecting some. 

I am getting to know my metal detector and learning to dig holes the right way.   I still have a lot to learn. And would love to hear from other metal detecting hobbyist.

Recently I was able to get a map of some locations of interest.

I went out scouting places on Tuesday. The one place looked like a good place to metal detect. Or so I thought…..   It looks like there might be a lot of stuff in that area.  So I decided to go there today and metal detect.

I went out there today and got a hit on the metal detector. And went to dig in the ground. OMG, that was the worst ground to dig in! I tried to dig the hole for the metal detector hit, but I couldn’t.  So I left that area. Sucks, because it looked like a promising place to metal detect too!

I went back to an area I have metal detecting recently. It wasn’t to far from that location.   I still have a lot of area to still cover there. So I  went there today to cover some more of the area.  I got approx. 10 metal detector hits, that I dug holes for.

I tried to do some go pro footage of the metal detecting hunt, but I have not checked to see how the videos turned out. I will check and see if the videos turned out, if they did I will uplaod em to youtube and shar eon here.  Update: Uploaded the videos to this article 🙂

I bet many of you can guess what I found!   Yup, ……………………….. Trash, LOL.

A lot of pull tabs and bottle caps.  I did find a few things though, that normally I would think of as trash, but since I was metal detecting they are kinda cool, lol.

  • 1973 Lincoln Penny
  • Nail, or at least I think it is a nail, LOL
  • Several pull tabs and 1 or a few bottle caps. I don’t keep track of these…
  • Some kind of wire with loop holes on the ends.
  • Long piece of iron. Least I think it is Iron. Unknown what it is for.
  • Some kind of metal, that has a loop at the end. Reminds me of a dog post for the yard.


I got tore up by thorns. I ruined my pants.  So, I have to find a plan of action on how to metal detect and not get tore up by thorns. Anyone have any ideas?   The obvious, is to not metal detect in that area, lol.  But I read you have to go places that people don’t visit much, because other metal detector hobbyist may have already got to an area. So I found this spot, and I think it has a lot of potential. But holy cow!  Thorns and those pesky things that stick to your clothes! I dunno what they are called, lol.

I like metal detecting, it is good exercise.

But I just started so I have a ton to learn still. And A LOT to find in the ground!


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