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Plane Spotting & Spots To View From

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Rockford Airport (KRFD/RFD) Plane Spotting Locations


  1. The best place to plane spot from at Rockford Airport is on Falcon Rd. It is just north of the tower, on the east side of the road. It is a gravel parking lot. This is one of the best spots to view from. You can see a lot from here, including both runways and also the tarmac/ramp as well and photograph the arrivals and departures. There is usually at least a vehicle or two always sitting there, plane spotting. Including myself.
  2. The next best place is down on the south end of the airport, but be VERY careful here! Do NOT park under the runway! Also do not park on the roadway! There isn’t really a good place to park here, but is a good spot for photographing the arrivals. And you can get some good photos of them landing on runway 1/19. This is a good spot, but very dangerous due to the lack of parking areas and heavy traffic.
  3. The 3rd best place is down at runway 7 on the southwest part of the airport. There are a few places to park, but be VERY careful because there is a lot of traffic in the area. Rockford Airport uses runway 7/25 mostly. This spot you can get some very good arrival photos. But that is it, departures are rare and hard to photograph. There is a huge mound that obstructs the view as they land. But it is a great spot for arrivals.

My best spots are #1 and #3.

Notes: They recently added a round-a-bout on the north side of the airport. There really is not anywhere safe to park and watch from the northside. I guess you could park in parking lots, but those are private property and I strongly advise against that.

Kaney Aviation and the hangers are also on the NE side of the airport. And there are several neat aircraft along that area along Falcon rd at Courtesy Aircraft. But it is hard to find somewhere safe to park. They have a lot of warbirds 🙂

The new AAR is on the south side of the airport.  You can see some neat aircraft here!

Emery Ramp is on the north side of the airport, East of the terminal. There is a parking lot you can park in across from the Shell gas station. You can walk up to the fence and photograph the aircraft on the ramp.  The airport staff is friendly. Smile and wave to them when you see them. They do park the refueling trucks near here, at times they do obstruct the views.

Be sure to abide by all the rules!

NEVER go onto the airport property, restricted areas
Never sit at the end of the runways
Always shut off your lights on your vehicle, it is a distraction to pilots
Always be courteous to aircraft, vehicles, and anyone you might encounter
Never use flash, on your camera at night
Be safe and have fun!


118.100 Tower

119.250 Clearence

119.675 AWOS

121.000 Arrive & Depart

121.900 Ground

126.000 Arrive & Depart

132.000 Emery

130.525 North American Pride

460.550 Skywest

Stuff I have photographed at the Rockford Airport

Tower at Rockford Airport

787 at Rockford Airport

787 at Rockford Airport

Thunderbirds and Pyrotechnics

Two Antonovs Parked at KRFD

Allegiant at Rockford Airport

Frontier parked at Rockford Airport

Chicago Bulls charter plane at Rockford Airport

Allegiant make a wish & Frontier at Rockford Airport

Snow removal equipment at Rockford Airport

Taking care of the snow Rockford style, at Rockford Airport

Inside a plane parked at Rockford Airport

Runway 25 & 19 Intersection at Rockford Airport


Ryan Air at Rockford Airport

Airfest parking at Rockford Airport

Thunderbirds at Rockford Airport

UPS tail at Rockford Airport

United at Rockford Airport

Dreamlifter at Rockford Airport

Art Nalls at Rockford Airport

Wall of fire pyrotechnics at Rockford Airport

Air Horse One, landing at Rockford Airport

Thunderbirds posing for my camera, at Rockford Airport

KC-135 doing touch and go’s at Rockford Airport

Jet Blue parked at Rockford Airport

Howard Huges flew in this years ago, parked at Rockford Airport

Frontier parked on the ramp at Rockford Airport

“FIFI” landing at at Rockford Airport

“FIFI” landing at Rockford Airport

Bonanza taking off in formation, at Rockford Airport

Several L-39’s at Rockford Airport

South East side of the airport, at Rockford Airport

MD-11 taxi way, at Rockford Airport

Air Horse One, landing at Rockford Airport

U.S. Department of Homeland Security sticker, at Rockford Airport