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Scanner Audio From The Possible Ghost Sighting At The Coronado Theater.

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About Rockford Paranormal:  We are a highly trained team that specializes in investigating the paranormal and also educating our clients. Our team was formed back in the early 2000’s.  We NEVER CHARGE OUR CLIENTS. All of our investigations are FREE Our clients privacy one of our main focuses. Helping our clients investigate and educating them in the paranormal is our goal.  We specialize in all the areas of the paranormal field such as Ghosts, UFO’s, Cryptozoology, plus much more.

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We have the top of the line hi tech equipment that we use.  One of our team leaders even builds some of our equipment. We have prototype equipment no other paranormal investigators have!   We have done over 400 investigations over the years.  We are the area’s most trusted paranormal investigators.

We are also partners with the Rockford MUFON team ~

I run a paranormal investigation group locally. We investigate anything paranormal such as ghosts, UFO’s, etc…   We are open minded going into the investigation to debunk things. We do this so that way if we are not able to debunk the situation, odds are it might be legit.

 I have personally participated and directed over 400 investigations over the years.  Investigating all types of things at different places such as residences, businesses, colleges, schools, churches, etc…  Actually one of the most memorable experiences happened at a local college.

I can not discuss my investigations publicly, client privacy reasons.  But I can discuss my personal experiences.  I will talk about a few of them below.

Back in the late 90’s I saw the “Rockford Lights”   the mass UFO sighting in Rockford Illinois in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  I witnessed the multiple lights in the sky that many saw. They were definitely not airplanes, Chinese lanterns, etc… I honestly was not able to put a logical explanation to it.

Another experience was when I was a teen. My house was a hangout place when I was a teen. Many of us were in the kitchen playing with the ouija board at the kitchen table.  Long story short, everyone that was in the room was sitting at the table.  No one was near the stove area.  While we were playing with the ouija board, it was moving. Of course we all were thinking another person was moving it.  A few minutes into it, all of a sudden the stove door flew off the hinges and went across the room!  No explanation at all to why it happened.  Noone was near it, we were all sitting at the table.  No way shape or form was there a logical reason as to how it came off the hinges and flew across the room.

My most memorable experience, was during an investigation.  I would like to tell it here, but I am not able to due to client privacy reasons. But I can assure you, it made me a firm believer there is definitely something out there we can not explain logically.