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Oct 03

Rickie Traeger Opens Up A Bit On Encryption And How It Hurts Public Safety

  Take a minute and watch this video.  Then scroll down to read  #1 The Rockford police are encrypted and told us originally this incident did NOT happen. #2  After telling them I obtained footage of the incident, the they admitted that it did happen but downplayed it. #3 The Rockford police failed to mention …

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Jul 30

Joe Mattern Interview Against Police Radio Encryption

So in a few days the police are going to be shutting out the very same people that help them.  Sad………..  I bet no one will be willing to help the police after they do their encryption and shut the public out.  The public sees what is going on and have spoken, but the new …

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Jun 30

Quick Blog June 30th 2016

  Not much going on here.  Met some new hams recently. Some are very knowledgeable!  I missed field day though. I wanted to go so bad, but I was side tracked and wasn’t able to go this year. I tried doing some HF, but conditions were not in my favor. So field day was a …

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