Rickie Traeger Blog: Van Dies, Anyone Know How To Fix It?, Drone Video Of The Sunset, Etc…

Snapshot of the video from tonight’s sunset

November 30th 2017 Blog 


I was able to get a quadcopter flight in earlier tonight.  I was able to catch the last of the sun as it was setting.  I did a video of it. I will upload that in 4K quality later on tonight.  It takes awhile to upload at that quality.

Speaking of,  Wow the temperature really drops quickly as the sun sets now!  I mean you can literally feel it dropping.

I will post it in a new post on my website.

I thought my HF rig blew up the other day. I was able to fix it!  Super excited.  So I am back on HF again!  And to top it off, i am running full power too. Before it did its thing, I was only putting out about half power. Then it went hay wire and stopped working.  Well now I was able to fix it, and it is back to normal!

So now some bad news.  My van is messing up. I will explain what is happening, and maybe someone knows how to fix it!  I tried to troubleshoot it, but have came down to a few problems. So hopefully someone reading this can help!

When i turn the wheel all the way to the left or right, it completely shuts the engine off. As in completely dies!  I would be going down the road and go to turn, and it dies.   I will be sitting there pulling out of a parking stall, or trying to park, it dies when I turn the wheel.

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?