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Jul 31

July 31st blog. Shout out to RS fan Talia, Quadcopter flight for a friend, Colder weather on the way grrrrrrr…………….

Shout out to RS fan Talia! Note: Yes, I did shave off my goatee earlier today. Feels weird without it, lol. As many of you know I fly quadcopters. Some people call them drones.  I had the honor of doing a flight and filming another fellow ham radio operators antennas. I have did several flights …

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Jan 31

Two More States Checked Off For My Work All States Award On Ham Radio!

    Not too much going on here. I been playing on HF radio a bit. Checked into the OMISS net and made my Alaska/North Pole contact (WL7X) I been needing for my Work All States award!  I thought for sure my Alaska would be the very last state for my WAS.  I was able …

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Sep 29

Taking a break to blog for a minute

I installed google earth.  I seen many things online about it and looked pretty cool.  So I been playing around with it. Their server to update images are sloooooooow.  But still fun to play with. Google on the web is much better, but you cant do many of the features.  I was looking at Area …

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Sep 24

Belvidere Hamfest

I attended the Belvidere hamfest earlier today. I had fun. I was able to meet several people and got to spend a lot of time with someone I talk with alot on the radio. I also was able to talk to Jimmy, the Friday Night Fun Net net control op. I always enjoy chatting with …

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