Rickie Traeger Blog: I Get Asked A Lot, “Do I Believe In Aliens”, My Thoughts On The Topic

I was asked earlier on my thoughts of Alien life.  I get asked this a lot. So I thought I would make a quick blog about it, so when I am asked I can send everyone to the website to read it.

First off, I want to explain “UFO”  UFO means Unidentified Flying Object.  That does not mean there are aliens on the object. That just means there is an object in the sky that can not be identified.  Plain and simple.  I think many people think of aliens, when they hear the word UFO.  But in reality, it just means there is an object in the sky that can not yet be identified.

As for Aliens:  We are just a mere spec in an enormous universe.  I mean a tiny tiny spec in this vast universe! See that photo below! That will give you an aspect of how enormous our universe is!

I believe if we are alive and well here on Earth, then it is plausible that there might be other life forms out there as well.  Like I said, we are just a mere speck  in this vast universe. So, why is there not the possibility of other life forms out there as well?

The one thing that bothers me is, scientist and others believe the other life forms have to have the same environment as us here on Earth.  So they go looking for Earth like planets, for other life forms. I think that is wrong on many levels. Yes, it is good if we want to go explore other planets and all. But what makes you think other life forms have to have our environment?

I believe other life forms are possible and they do not need our same environment to live in.  I think the aliens are out there and also they might be closer to us than we think. I think that they may live in different environments as us (Hence it is space) and they don’t necessarily need Earth environments to live in.

As for visiting us, I think it is possible.   I researched and read some very good books on the Roswell incident. I think that incident alone, was true.   I think we have been visited by other life forms.  Watching the videos of Boyd Bushman (https://youtu.be/xPt6LU1ZKk8) I think he was legit. It has been proven who he is, what he has done, etc… and with his deathbed confession video, I think is legit.  I will embed the video below, be sure to watch it all! Make up your mind.

Recently NASA said there was 7 Earth like planets that was 68 light years away. The same distance Boyd Bushman said the aliens were from. That is in the area of Trappist-1.  That is located in the Aquarius constellation.  They even reported that the outer planets might have water on them as well.

I do think the government these days and also citizens, make a lot of stuff up now and tries to make it appear that people who believe in this topic, are crazy. Even though they are not. People do not choose to see this stuff. They just happen to be in the right spot at the right time. Or some may think of it as the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, many don’t want to see strange objects in the skies above us.

Overall, I do think people take the term UFO in a wrong sense.  They automatically assume it is “Aliens” which is wrong. I do believe that it is very possible that other life forms in the universe is very possible. I do think we might be going about searching for them, the wrong way.

I might update this, with a more in depth blog on this topic at a later date.