Rickie Traeger Blog: Who To Follow In Nascar In 2018


Good morning everyone!

I sat here and thought about who I am going to follow this year in NASCAR.   I am a huge Tony Stewart fan and will follow his team for sure. But I told myself that I am going to start following a rookie. Someone fresh and new and begin a new start. So I sat here for awhile thinking, out of the three. Which one to choose?

  • William Byron,
  • Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. ,
  • Ray Black Jr.

I personally didn’t care too much about Ray Black Jr.  I watched him and I feel the other 2 are better. So then I narrowed it down to William or Darrell?

I think both of these drivers are good and have great potential.  I read up on them and watched some their races.  Both have pros and cons for sure.

I sat here and was still at  standstill on which of the two, to choose to follow in 2018.  I looked down at the time on the PC and saw the date.  That is when I made my decision.  Of all things, the date will decide, lol.  

My grandpa Slatton passed away January 2014. His name was William.   Yup, you guess it.

I am going to follow William Byron in 2018.  (And SHR team)