Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Valentine’s Day, Survival Off Grid Post

I first want to start this off by saying Happy Valentines Day!  I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines!  Happy Valentines Day!

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As many of you know I always like to be prepared. Best to be prepared, than not be. With the world as it is these days , you never know what may happen. If we had to go back to living like cavemen, not many people would know what to do to survive.  So I figured i would post a generalized survival blog post in hopes to helping or at least motivate others into learning how to survive a bit.

So I been reorganizing everything and going through and seeing what i have and don’t have. And trying to make things right.  Bu SHTF bag is good to go. I just need to add a hobo stove or something like that to it. And I should be good to go there.  I have it tightly packed will all the essentials.  I do need to add my radio equipment to it, but I will probably do that later this week.

I am searching for a few vehicle batteries.  They can be dead.  Yes, you can revive them lol.   I am going to setup a solar panel kit and use it for the ham radio stuff. Basically set it up and get used to it and get to know it.  I need a few vehicle batteries.

If you have one laying around that you been wanting to toss out, let me know!

I been also making plans to work outside a lot this year.  One my other reasons why I want a solar setup.  As spring comes, I want to be able to chill outside and work and lay out and look at the stars, while working as well.  That is my goal for 2018.  Solar panel setup and working outside more this year.

I been researching a lot of stuff online and know many off grid friends. So with the knowledge of online and friends, I think I should be good.

When in survival you need to remember a few things. Safety, Water, Food, Shelter.  Those key things will keep you alive.

I been looking at those life straws, they seem pretty decent.  But at the same time a good ol fire and boiling water would be just as effective, if not more. So why buy one, when you can do it the natural way!  But on a related note, if you have a lifestraw and used it, I would like to hear your feedback on them.

Food: One thing I am really good at, that many don’t know. Is making traps.   Traps are priceless.  They can be used to catch food, warn of intruders, etc…  I won’t go into details for obvious reasons, but one thing I would recommend people researching is, building traps.   You can hunt while chilling at your shelter doing other life saving measures.

Water: One thing about survival and it is key. That is WATER!  I can not stress this enough!  It is extremely important to know a location of a moving water source.  Rivers, streams, creeks, etc…   I think having a shelter several miles away is key for me.  That way I don’t have to deal with flooding, but yet it is still close enough to get the water on a daily basis if needed. Boiling it for a few minutes should kill all the bacteria. As stated above, i been looking at those life staws, and been wanting to try those. But do not rely on those in times of need, boiling the water is the best way.

Shelter:  Well this one can go many directions, so I will keep it short and sweet.  Above ground, on the ground, below the ground, etc…  There are many types of shelters to build. So it is best to research these and figure out what is best for you and your family.  Things to remember are: How many people will it hold, how long you want it up, location, weather, threats, etc… See there are many variables on the situation and so many different types per situation, this could be a long blog on this topic alone. It is best to research and learn on this one.

Safety: This to me is the most important thing. First aid and knowing your surroundings and being careful. If you are incapacitated, well then what good are you for yourself and the team?  Make sure you have a good first aid kit.  Learn your surroundings such as the terrain layout, animals, threats,  etc…  This should be your starting point.   That is your water, food, safety and shelter! You can plan ahead by this knowledge. Yes, I should of added this more towards the top, but I didn’t put these in order lol.

Protection: Weapons are your friends in times like this.  Traps, Knives, Blades, Guns, Crossbows, Twigs, Sticks, Stones, Bricks, Pepper Spray, Batons, etc…  This list is a long one.  Pretty much anything you see can be used for protection.  Ex:Tossing a rock at an animal to fend it off.

Protecting you and your family is a high priority.  I  recommend you building some traps to warn you of intruders and also slowing the intruders down or stopping them. Then when they get closer, then your main weapons come into play.  You need to protect yourself and family, to survive.  Also you have to think about this from animal threats, to hunting, etc…  So protection is a must!

If the worst case scene does hit, many will panic and not know what to do.  So protecting yourself from them, (if they pose a threat) is priority. It is best to work as a team and in numbers, to survive. More people, more knowledge, more survival.

Navigation:  I realized not many people actually know or understand how to navigate via the sun. They use their gps, cell phones, etc…  And not the sun or a compass. I thought everyone knew this. Guess I was way wrong, lol!   So to put a long story short, Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  If you can remember this, you are good to go.

I suggest reading up online and books and talking to people who know how to survive. This way you can gain knowledge on survival. There is a saying and I live by this one religiously.  “You can strip a man of all his possessions, but you can never strip him of his knowledge” and that saying is priceless.

I have so much to add to this post but I am super tired. So I think I might start up something on my website here on teaching others on how to survive. I think that be a good idea to teach others.

Stuff to have:  I am just naming off a few things here and will make a long list of survival items in the future.

  • Water: Some kind of container to boil over the campfire, lifestraw, etc..
  • Lighter, matches, lint, etc…. to start a camping fire
  • Extra clothes: Socks, underwear, shirt, gloves, hat, pants, glasses, etc..
  • Tent, Sleeping bag, etc…
  • Compass
  • Some kind of weapons for portection
  • Glue, Tape, Duct Tape, Etc…
  • Solar equipment
  • First aid stuff: Bandaids, alcohol, wraps, asprin, antibiotics, etc…
  • Fuel
  • Backpack
  • Lighting such as lanterns, flashlights, etc…
  • Bug spray
  • Whistle
  • Mirror
  • Cans, Containers, etc…
  • Radio equipment
  • Bartering: Money, gold, silver, things people need like cereal, ammo, clothes, etc…  Basically you can barter anything.

Will make an in depth blog on this topic in the future. I like this idea on helping others learn and what better thing to learn, than survival!






Rickie Traeger Blog: Dreamlifter, More Snow, Nascar, Luge, Olympics, Clear Fire Hydrants, Etc…


Hope everyone has a safe and fun Saturday!

Nascar is back on TV!  I am switching between Nascar and the Olympics as I type this.  Watching the Arca race and the Mens Luge.  Super excited about both!

William did an awesome video on clearing out the fire hydrants.  Please take a few minutes and watch it. Very informative!  Kudos to William!  (CLICK HERE)

Speaking of, they are predicting another 1-3 inches tonight. (CLICK HERE) So odds are they will be enforcing parking once again. So heads up.  I was told by a meteorologist that the long term forecast shows warming temps towards the end of February!  Let’s hope that holds true!  So enjoy the snow while it is here.

I am a little under the weather today. So kicking back and watching Nascar and the Olympics works out great.  Dunno what it is, maybe just a bug. Who knows. Its not like I am full blown sick, just under the weather. I have a DR appointment this week. So hopefully I feel better by then.

Speaking of DR’s I was able to take my good friend Wizard to his eye doctor appointment. He now has a date scheduled for June. I am super excited for him! On side note, I got lost on the way to his appointment. So he was a lil late. But the doctors office was understanding. Thank god. But now he has a set date to look forward too!

The Dreamlifter left Dallas and flew into Chicago a little bit ago. It is scheduled to depart Chicago at 4:42 pm. And is headed to Japan. I am hoping I can see it fly overhead when it departs.  Hopefully the clouds stay away long enough so I can see it.

Out of all the aircraft in the world, the Dreamlifter is my favorite. I catch a lot of heck from friends for it. Because they like fighter jets, etc… And they think the Dreamlifter is big and ugly. To me, it is unique.  Thats why I like it!  It is unique and has special purposes. It has a special role and one of a kind aircraft.  It is always best to stand out as one and be yourself and unique, than to be just one of hundreds.  😉

National Holidays Today

February 10th
National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
National Home Warranty Day
National Umbrella Day







Rickie Traeger Blog: Worked Switzerland on HF, Winter Field Day, Enjoying Time Off For Few Days



I thought I would pop onto HF Friday morning for a few minutes. I called out CQ a few times. Then KN4GBZ responded back to me.  I about dropped ot the floor when he told me he was working remotely in Switzerland!!!   He was there for a vacation ski trip. I was able to hold a QSO with him for a few minutes then propagation bottomed out on us.

Yesterday was Winter Field Day. I was able to attend the Northern Illinois ARES and Skywarn WFD.  But I was not able to make it to the RARA WFD.  I was hoping to make it to both.   At the ARES one, I was able to socialize and see some pretty neat setups.  Being the location it was held at,  I also was able to see a group of deer in the field and a beautiful sunset!   I didn’t work any of the equipment. I mainly went to socialize and have fun.  Which I did 🙂   It was good to see everyone.  It is good to see the Northern Illinois ARES and SKYWARN team ready to go for any situation.

I haven’t did too much RS stuff the last few days. I been taking time away to spend family time.  Later on tonight I am going to focus back on RS.  I was able to enjoy some quality time away.  Now its time to get back in the groove 🙂

I want everyone to still keep Raeanne, Brandon and their family in your thoughts and prayers.  They are going through such a difficult time.  Please send some positive vibes their way.   May Justin R.I.P.

I have missed the last few nights of Coast to Coast AM.  Been some good topics on there too!  Thank god I am a C2C Insider and can listen to them when I want too 🙂   I think my plans later on today, will go and listen to those archives.






Rickie Traeger Blog: Winter Field Day, ARES, SKYWARN, Net Control, Justins Funeral



Good morning everyone!

Life: Last night I cut my foot pretty deep.  It was an accident, but holy cow it hurts!  It is a deep cut. I cut it o the side of an object.  Go figure huh, lol.  I know it needed stitches, but I just put peroxide on it and then put a band aid on it and went to bed. I woke up this morning, and it hurts!

But that is the least of my worries right now.  I ask that you keep Raeanne and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Today is the hardest day of her and her families life. Justin’s funeral is today.  My heart aches for her and her family.  Please, keep her and Brandon and Adam and the rest of the family in your thoughts and prayers!

I was driving down E State street last night and saw this amazing car!  It was a BMW I8.  Yes, someone was driving a BMW I8 here in town!  Amzing looking car!  But at the same time, I thought to myself I wouldn’t be driving that in this city because you prob get it stolen with all the crime lol.  I looked online and it is Starting MSRP $143,400.00  that is the bare minimum price for the car.  Click this link, to view it ~ https://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/bmwi/bmw-i8.html

The photo below is an online photo of the BMW I8.  

As you can see its an amazing car!  I have photos of it on my cell phone, but I have yet to transfer it to the pc yet.  So I used the online stock photo above, to show you how amazing the car is.  Whoever owns that car, has a ton of money!

Weather: I looked outside this morning hoping to see grass. There is still snow on the ground. Guess what?  They are calling for 50 degrees this weekend!  Yeah, that is not a typo!  50 degrees! Snow will be gone, warmer temps. It is going to be great!

Ham Radio: I am going to be getting back into weather satellite stuff.  Also I plan on getting a soldering practice kit. I been pricing them online. I admit, my soldering needs a lot of practice, lol.  Hence why I am going to get a soldering practice kit. This weekend is Winter Field Day!   I am supposed to be net control for the ARES net tonight. But with Justin’s funeral, I do not know if I will be able too. Hopefully I will be able too, but we have a great ARES team and they got me covered if I am not able to be net control.  Also Skywarn net is at 8 pm tonight on 147.195 repeater.





Murder And Mayhem in Rockford

Rockford Scanner® is the area’s leading news site.

We bring you breaking news, events, Etc… 

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Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois

Check it out at ~ CLICK HERE

I recently read a book I bought on my Amazon Kindle called “Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, IL” by Kathi Kresol.

I thought it might be a good read about our history in the area. I am glad I did buy it and read it. I was very impressed with the book.

I was impressed by the in depth research that she did, for her book. She has put a lot of time and effort into the research and history of Rockford. I definitely learned a lot from her book.

Stuff I learned from the book: When Rockford was founded, how it was founded, the first murder happened a year after it was founded, a lot of violent crimes have happened over the years in the Rockford area. The Courthouse collapsed. A Sheriff was murdered. They even held public executions at the Winnebago County Courthouse. This is barely the tip of the iceberg of what is inside this amazing book! This book was well written and a lot of history in it.

Murders that happened locally, went nationwide.  Crimes so violent that you would think that it was in the movies. But it reality, they happened here in Rockford.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Check it out on her website and many local bookstores.

This is by far one of the better books I have read recently.  And I personally recommend you reading her book.  She has also came out with other books, which I am actually about to buy and read soon.

Not only did I learn a lot, but I am also supporting a Rockford artist/author!

Her website is http://www.hauntedrockford.com/
Alot of great information on her websites also

Also at http://kathikresol.com/

Murder & Mayhem in Rockford is a collection of never-before-published articles on the history of Rockford, Illinois.  Written by local historian, and owner of Haunted Rockford, Kathi Kresol.

excerpt from Book Back~

“Rockford rightly prizes its prosperous heritage, earned by manufacturing concerns like the Rockford Watch Factory and the Manny Reaper Company. But the town once named Midway also harbors a history of crime and calamity. Gunfire broke out in the streets when networks of Prohibition informants slid sideways. In 1893, John Hart forced his own sisters to drink poison. Three years later, James French shot down his wife in the street. Over the years, a courthouse collapsed, a factory exploded and trains collided. Join local historian Kathi Kresol as she explores the mayhem milling about in Rockford’s past. ”

Kathi Kresol

I want to close this out by sending her a shout out for putting all the time and effort into her research and sharing it with everyone in this book.

She did an amazing job on it and I learned a lot. It is pretty cool to learn the history of our area. Many kudos!

I was impressed with her work and plan on buying more of her books.

It is good to know there are talented people in the area and I am always happy to support them.

We are currently seeking volunteers. If you are interested, please visit CLICK HERE

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Rickie Traeger Blog: Volunteers needed for RS


Good afternoon everybody,

I thought I would mess around with the Dragon software so I do apologize if there are  any grammar errors.  I have to get use to my vocabulary.  It has been a while since I’ve last used it.  So please bear with me.

There is not too much to update from the blog I posted last.  So I do apologize.

I am going to make a quick announcement, I plan on adding volunteers to Rockford Scanner. if you are interested in joining our team.  Let me know.

Please take a minute and fill the following out http://rockfordscanner.com/volunteer-for-rockford-scanner/






Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Birthday To My Cousin, New Years 2018, Stock Market, Freezing Cold!



Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years!  Family and I spent family time at home and watched the ball drop on TV.  I was watching the TV, and I am going to rant here in a second on something.

We have many talented artist in the world, and many would do almost anything to be in the spot of New Years on TV.  Talented artist who actually sing!  They had Brittany Spears on TV, and she was freaking LIP SYNCING!  OMG, I have lost all respect for her!  People want to hear you sing, not flipping dance!!!  So disappointed and frustrated in her and well whoever decided to book her, SMH!!!   Many talented artist out there, and they pull that crap.  K, rant over, LOL.

I want to send out birthday shout out’s to my cousin Misty and also my friend Ryan. Happy Birthday!  Hope you guys have awesome birthdays today!

So as I type this, the wind chills are currently -35 below at times.  The actual  temp is -11. Yup, that is Fahrenheit  temps!  A little cold out there.  I know this is normal winter weather for us, but still it is damn cold, lol.  I guess anything below 60 is cold to me, so imagine -11!  LOL

So it is now 2018.  I never made a New Year resolution.  I had a few in mind, but never set in stone.  I think this might be the first year of not making one.  The one I been weighing heavily on, is limiting my pop. I drink way to much pop these days. So I need to limit my intake. Maybe a can or 2 a day would be nice. I should invest into some pop stock!  Actually before the holidays would of been best for that.

Speaking of stock, I an doing so-so now. My stock I been losing on. Well now I am just above even.  I have stock in Ford, Bitcoin, Cannabis Science, Greenshift.  I think the only one that has made profit is the bitcoin one.  I am soooo mad at Greenshift.  I had thousands of stock in them, and I don’t know what happened but now I have 0.04 stock in them.  I mean seriously, WTF!  I bought several thousands of shares, and now this. I tried calling to get answers but they wouldn’t answer. I guess thats what I get for playing in penny stocks, lots scammers in there.  I do stocks for long term. Basically buy and sit on them. Yes, I know thats not really the way to do it. But the site I use, charges $10 per trade. So you pretty much need to sit on it anyways, unless you get a hella deal on something and make at least a $20 profit to break even on trading fees alone.

I used to listen to people online and TV and go with their “advice”  but I lost alot back in the day doing that. So my advice is do not listen to them and go with your gut.  Keep up to date on news as it hits the wire. That has what got me profit in the past.  Right now, I am in long term just sitting on stuff.  So that is why I am just above even right now. But if you want to make some quick cash, be on top of the news wires 😉

So I will wrap today’s blog up and wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous and Healthy 2018!   Spend quality time with those you love and make new memories! We only live once, as they say YOLO!  So enjoy 2018 and make it great!  And expect daily blogs from me!  I look forward to blogging each day and interacting with fans. So feel free to contact me anytime.  In the meantime, stay warm!  It is cold out there!






Rickie Traeger Blog: Waze, Minecraft, Wishing Everyone Safe Travels This Weekend

I know many people will be traveling this weekend for the holidays. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If you are traveling, please be safe.  If you plan on traveling,  I recommend the free app on your cell phone that will assist you with traffic alerts. It is called WAZE.   I mentioned it before, and I will again.  It is free and very useful!

My daughter and I played Minecraft for many hours earlier today.  We got alot accomplished on there. We were able to build several houses, mine a ton, and got alot done.  I like how it is split screen, even though it is smaller to see, lol.

I am hoping Santa brings a Weather station here to the house.   I can only wish, but I do not see that happening, lol.   It is about to get COLD out!  Lows down to 0 degrees, been awhile since we been that low.  It is that time of year though 🙁   I was hoping we would have gotten more snow last night. We only got maybe a .10 of an inch here.

Speaking of weather, I am almost done with my Weather/SKYWARN page on here. I am hoping to have that done here in the next few days.  I have the core done, but want to add more content to it before I make it public.  So be on the lookout for that page to come soon!

December 22
National Date Nut Bread Day
Forefathers Day – December 22 (Unless on Sunday, Then Following Monday)





Black Friday, Website Progress, National Holidays

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

If you are out doing some Black Friday shopping, be safe.  Been a few reports of some disturbances, nothing severe just shoplifters and disorderly people.  Also a lot of traffic out on the roadways.  So be careful driving also.

As you noticed, I am in the process of redoing my website.  Kinda bear with me for awhile, while I get things back up and running. I am currently working on building the pages on here.  I have a brief “About Me” up now.  I still need to add to it, but it is a brief background.

I plan on doing my daily blogs on here and posting them to RS. Those blogs will include RS updates, the daily posts I do on there, I will now be doing on here.

Many were asking about me doing that.  I have listened to everyone’s feedback and am trying to do what people want 🙂

November 24th
National Sardines Day
National Day of Listening – Day After Thanksgiving
National Native American Heritage Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Black Friday – Day After Thanksgiving
Buy Nothing Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Flossing Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Maize Day – Day After Thanksgiving
You’re Welcomegiving Day – Day After Thanksgiving

I am going to being a blog post in a few hours, about my Thanksgiving 🙂 So be sure to check back later on, for my Thanksgiving blog!!!

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A lot of fun and interesting stuff. I will be posting open and candid dialogue that at times will be deep within and at times posting videos and photos and important updates on my websites.

I am currently in the process of redesigning my website and am open to feedback.  I decided to start from scratch and deleted all my previous posts and pages and everything else. 

Sometimes the best things in life, is starting over!  



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