Full Lecture From Philip Schneider

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Rickie Traeger: Sad and pathetic people don’t stand up for themselves

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Sad and pathetic people don’t stand up for themselves and bow down to others. I tell things like it is and frankly don’t give 2 shits. I don’t play politics and cater to those who think they are better than me. We are all equal when we are born. You chose to be a spineless prick and give in. Stand up for what you believe in and tell things like they are. You get more respected that way.


I got a PM saying I was seeking attention, from my last post lol. NO, I chose to do the right thing in life and tell the truth and stand up for my beliefs. I do not chose to be rich and full of lies. In the end when we all die, we have to face that one person and face our sins. And I would rather go to him and know I have stood up and didn’t cave in to the BS. I tell it like it is, and firmly stand for my beliefs. And know I will be going North, and not South in the end.

Rickie Traeger: I am super excited about these warmer temps! 

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Heck yeah!    I am super excited about these warmer temps!
Just make it through tonight, and then bring the warmth!  🙂
Heck yeah!!!

A warming trend is expected through early next week. The next chance of rain will arrive Friday evening into early Saturday, especially as one heads south. Look at those temperatures by Monday!

Who Do I Look Up To, That I Personally Do Not Know?

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I was asked this question recently and I figured it would be a good thing to post on my website.  I know many have followed me for a very long time and some are just becoming aware of who I am. So I figured it would be a good thing to post, so everyone can know. 

So, the question was asked:  “Who Do I Idolize That I Do Not Personally Know?”  

Obviously it did not take long to answer this question!

I will let you sit for a second, and let you try to guess this answer…

The person who I admire and idolize most, that I do not personally know is:   Elon Musk 

Now I am asking myself, how many of you got that correct?   LOL

Many people do not like Elon Musk.  But I think this man is a genius.  He thinks outside the box and if he messes up, he laughs and goes on and tries again until he finally succeeds.

I have watched videos of him online, on how he candidly talks to his employees. He does not treat his employees as employees, but as friends.  He knows and understands the importance of every person in the company plays a vital role, regards of your job position.  And he has fun doing it.

Many have said he is a straight up jerk.  Heck, many say that about me. So that don’t say much, lol.

If you take time and really study Elon Musk, I think many of you would admire him as well.

He is making waves and pushing forward and breaking barriers and making history for mankind.

I mean what else could you ask for in a true hero.

How can you not like a man who put a freaking Tesla into space!

Advance our space exploration and push mankind forward, that is my idol!

History Maker by Delirious

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My buddy Chad used to play this song on repeat for hours, years ago.
This song has stuck in my heads for many many years.
It is a really good song.  Take a few minutes and listen!

Zero 9:36 – Adrenaline

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Zero 9:36 – Adrenaline

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Easter! 

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I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Easter! 

I know one thing, I sure would give anything to have my mom and dad back just one more time to celebrate Easter.

Rickie Traeger: Harry Potter Movies & Thunderstorms…

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I hope everyone is doing ok.  I have never saw the Harry Potter movies. So I am trying to watch them all. I am now half way through the 2nd movie.  Pretty good movies. Alot of people give me a hard time, because I have yet to watch them, lol.  

The citizens in the Mid-South and South East have been geting nailed with severe weather.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I was just reading about it online.  Sad situation down that way.  They have been getting nailed by severe weather, and here I am just hoping for a simple thunderstorm here…

Rickie Traeger: I just found something I want to add to my bucket list! 

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So I just found something I want to add to my bucket list! 

I am in the mood to go see a movie at the theaters. It has been awhile since I have went to go see a movie.  So I popped onto the movie theater website to see what new movies are out these days, and I found this!

Yup, you can rent the theater now!   How awesome that would be to rent the theater to myself and watch a movie!  OK, maybe add  a few close people I know, lol.   I wonder if they do movie requests?  I would LOVE to see the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, on the big screen!  Or Twister!  In all honesty there are several movies I would love to see on the big screen.  It shows that they are doing back to the future, and a few other older movies. So that does show they do older movies on the big screen 🙂

I have added this to my bucket list!    Hell Ya!