Rickie Traeger Blog: Christmas, Remembering Dad, Brothers Engagement

Hi everyone!   I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!

I know we did!  The main thing is spending quality time with those we love!

Daughters and I tracked Santa Clause on NORAD.  We love doing that every year now. It has become a tradition.  We put out oatmeal cookie and milk for Santa.  My daughter talked to Santa on the radio and he said for her to set out some Oatmeal cookies. (Tony N9ARB, played Santa on the radio, much appreciated)  and we sprinkled the glitter in the yard, that my daughter made at school. So Santa was able to find us easily!

We spent quality time with my family.  I want to send out a shout out to my brother and his new fiance, they just got engaged!  Congrats to Adam and Raeanne!

The cold, really cold weather has set in. It is time to hunker down and get alot of stuff done.  Some well needed maintenance on the websites, playing around a bit with my personal site and stuff and experimenting with designs. I am going to use my personal one to play with some designs and might implement them into the other sites.  Also will be adding more content. I can focus more attention now on the sites and content. Looking forward to that 🙂  Also I won’t say much, but there is going to be some new stuff and changes to Rockford Scanner 😉   I am not letting the cat out the bag on this yet 😛 lol

I really been missing my dad a bunch lately. I mean I miss him a lot as is, but a lot these last few days. I wish he was with us still.  I constantly question myself if there is a God, and why did he take my dad? And if there really is an afterlife? And a bunch of other things. People say time heals, but in reality it hasn’t.  People will spin this and say I am depressed, but I am not. I am happy with my life, but I miss my dad a lot!  I took my brother to the off track betting a few weeks back. It was in memory of my dad. Was nice to kick it there and be with my brother and do the stuff I used to do with my dad.  Was fun spending time with my brother and at the same time remembering my dad.








Rickie Traeger Blog: Waze, Minecraft, Wishing Everyone Safe Travels This Weekend

I know many people will be traveling this weekend for the holidays. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If you are traveling, please be safe.  If you plan on traveling,  I recommend the free app on your cell phone that will assist you with traffic alerts. It is called WAZE.   I mentioned it before, and I will again.  It is free and very useful!

My daughter and I played Minecraft for many hours earlier today.  We got alot accomplished on there. We were able to build several houses, mine a ton, and got alot done.  I like how it is split screen, even though it is smaller to see, lol.

I am hoping Santa brings a Weather station here to the house.   I can only wish, but I do not see that happening, lol.   It is about to get COLD out!  Lows down to 0 degrees, been awhile since we been that low.  It is that time of year though 🙁   I was hoping we would have gotten more snow last night. We only got maybe a .10 of an inch here.

Speaking of weather, I am almost done with my Weather/SKYWARN page on here. I am hoping to have that done here in the next few days.  I have the core done, but want to add more content to it before I make it public.  So be on the lookout for that page to come soon!

December 22
National Date Nut Bread Day
Forefathers Day – December 22 (Unless on Sunday, Then Following Monday)





Rickie Traeger Blog: Santa Clause Net, Kids Can Talk To Santa Clause On Ham Radio

I wanted to share this awesome experience!

They have a Santa Net on 3.916  (Ham Radio)  at 7:30 pm CDT

Every Night until December 24th, so if you miss it tonight you have a chance every night until December 24th to try 🙂

My daughter was able to talk to Santa, and she was super excited!

I think everyone should be able to experience this great event.

The Santa Nets are presented annually by The 3916 Nets. The Weather Bunch, The Rag Chew Crew, The Tailgaters, The Freewheelers and The 3916 Late Late Show are all amateur radio nets that meet on 3.916 MHz.

For more information on The 3916 Nets, go to http://www.3916nets.com

The Facebook page for The Santa Nets can be found at https://www.facebook.com/3916santanet/


Pete Thomson (KE5GGY), of The 3916 Nets, commented on The 3916 Santa Net. He said, “Christmastime is our favorite time of the year on 3.916 MHz. We really enjoy being able to help young people experience both the magic of Christmas and the magic of amateur radio.”

Youngsters can talk to “Santa at The North Pole” via strategically placed relay stations who are responsible for relaying in the voice of Santa. Thomson said that The Santa Net is a team effort that involves the efforts of a number of 3916 Net members. He said, “For over a decade, The Santa Net has connected kids from coast to coast with Santa Claus. With this amount of territory to cover, The Santa Net requires the efforts of a number or relay stations. Our relay stations do a super job and really enjoy bringing the spirit of Christmas to the amateur radio airwaves.”

For more information on The Santa Net, email KE5GGY at Gmail dot com.

Note:  Please remember to adhere to all FCC Rules & Regulations pertaining to 3rd Party Traffic. Thanks!

Prenet Check Ins Welcome

Reserve a spot with Santa by making a pre-net check in.  You can check in either on the air starting at 7 PM (Central) or by emailing KE5GGY@gmail.com

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas from The 3916 Nets!!!

Every year on 3916, we give good little boys and girls a chance to talk to Santa Claus at the North Pole!   It is indeed a magical experience to experience kids talking with Santa through the magic of Amateur Radio!   

The Santa Net is on the air every night, November 24th through December 24th at 7:30 PM Central.  

To participate in The Santa Net, just have your kids prepared to tell Santa their top 2-3 gift wishes.