Rickie Traeger Blog: Expedition 53 Landing Live on NASA TV

As you know I am a huge space buff. I love astronomy and NASA and space.

I am currently watching NASA TV as I type this.

The  Expedition 53 is about to deorbit and land in about an hour from now.

Be sure to check it out on NASA TV on the NASA website

I will make this brief, I just wanted to let everyone know about it, so you can watch it too.






Rickie Traeger Blog: President Trump Sending Us Back To The Moon, Trailer Park Boys, Tattoo, Vacation, Etc….

I just straight up binged watched The Trailer Park Boys, LOL.   Oh man I love that show.   I won’t say much because I don’t want to spoil it for others. But if you have not watched The Trailer Park Boys, yet. You are missing out!

We finally got snow that stuck around for awhile now.  I was going to try building a snowman, but the snow is not packing. Guess we will have to wait until another snowfall to do it.  The temps really dropped. Talk about cold, brrrr.  Yes, I can hear you know saying we live in the Midwest and we are supposed to be used to it.  You may be used to it, but I am not. I like my warm weather 🙂

Awhile back ago, I got a tattoo. Yes, I have many. But the one on my right arm is not finished. The guy who was supposed to finish it, never did.  So now I am going to go on the hunt to see if someone will finish it.  If you know of a good tattoo artist, let me know.   I like BEAR, but I have no idea where he is these days.  If you know someone who is a tattoo artist, that does sleeves, let me know.

I been looking online for places to go for a vacation.  I so need one.  It be nice to get outta dodge for awhile and kick back and relax and not work all the time.  I didn’t sleep for awhile cuz I was working alot.  I ended up getting 4 hours in last night, so I am kinda good to go for awhile today.

Places I want to go to a vacation at. You might laugh at a few, but I am serious when I say these 😛    Roswell, the #1 place for UFO’s,  not real UFO’s just the history.  I think that be a badazz place to visit. Because I am into the paranormal and it be cool to check out.   I am almost finished reading Witness To Roswell.  An awesome and informative book!   The other place I want to go to is a warm beach.  OMG what I would give right now to be on a warm beach!!!

I am watching a thing about Voyager.  Pretty interesting to see what it has done and saw. So advanced for its age.  Speaking of, I love the NASA website.  Many cool photos and videos on there.  I like watching the NASA TV and the launches.

OH GREAT NEWS,  President Trump told NASA to go back to the moon!  It will be a few years, but man o man that is going to be an awesome day when that happens again!  They said 2022 it will happen, so its a few years away.  But heck, I am sooooooo looking forward to that day!   I am super excited he is focused on the space program again!

I am not to political on here, but I am liking President Trump a lot!  I think he has done a lot of great things since he was taken office. I think he does it his way and that is making America great again.  Yes, there is stuff I do not agree on, but realistically he is doing a lot of great things for us Americans. Especially with all the BS he goes through daily.  Our economy has bounced back, stocks rose, public relations have risen, etc…  He does it his way and that is straight forward and not the “normal rules”  And that is what America needed.

Some Rockford Scanner news: I want to personally tell everyone who sent in their snow photos and videos, Thank You!  I am going through them all here shortly and will have them posted later on today.  Many great photos!  Keep up the great work!

Also, Sad to see people out there robbing others! As you know I hate liars and thieves!  I hope one day they try that crap on me.  Hard working people earning there stuff, probably living paycheck to paycheck are robbed by low life scums trying to get something for free.  Yesterday someone knocked on a door, then beat and tied them up and robbed them on Charles st, then later on a good Samaritan gave someone a ride that ended up being a setup  for a robbery.  I do now wish ill on anyone, but I sure hope I work the story of good guy wins!

Todays National Holidays:

December 12

  • National Ambrosia Day
  • National Ding-a-Ling Day
  • Gingerbread House Day
  • Poinsettia Day
  • Chanukah Begins – Changes Annually

I will end this by posting this historic photo of President Trump signing the thing for NASA to send us back to the moon 🙂

Representatives of Congress and the National Space Council joined President Donald J. Trump, Apollo astronaut Jack Schmitt and current NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, for the president’s signing of Space Policy Directive 1, a change in national space policy that provides for a U.S.-led, integrated program with private sector partners for a human return to the Moon, followed by missions to Mars and beyond. Credits: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani




Rickie Traeger Blog: How Did Carl Get Bitten? Walking Dead

Heads up, SPOILER ALERT in case you did not watch.

As you know from my previous blog, it was about tonight’s episode of the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead.  I will begin by saying I was very impressed with tonight’s episode!   Job well done to the cast of the Walking Dead. 

As you know since working the Walker Stalker Con event awhile back ago and seeing the people in real life. Carl used to be one of my favorite characters. But he was a real dickhead in real life.  So after my experience with meeting him in person in real life, he is now one of my hated characters.  So long story short,  I was extremely happy when the episode ended with him being bitten!

Now with that being said,  how did he get bitten?  There was no walkers around him?  He didn’t fight with a walker.  I mean seriously, how in the heck did he get bitten???  Either way, I am happy he did!  Bye Bye Carl.

Yes, I sound like a jerk when I say that, but my experience when I met him, he was a jerk in real life. So I lost all respect for him.   It is what it is…

Eugene,  I been in the air on his character. I love how intelligent he is.  But I hate how he just thinks for himself and only himself. But tonight’s episode, I am starting to like him more. I think what he did to help Gabriel was honorable. Kudos to Eugene!

I am happy Maggie did what she did. Killed a savior. I think that took a lot for her character to do.  But here’s the kicker on her, she is supposed to be pregnant. For awhile now. But she is not showing at all.  I know she’s supposed to be pregnant, but they aren’t really doing much on that topic in the show.

Speaking of, they rarely show Judith.  Like tonight, how did she get into the sewer?  No one was seen carrying her there.

Man I sound like one those people who judge everything.  LOL.   But seriously, I have some questions.  Some this stuff don’t add up.  Yes, I know it is TV.   But heck, they are supposed to be core characters and things aren’t adding up.


Update: I was browsing Twitter and found this:







Rickie Traeger Blog: Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

This is going to be a quick blog.   Tonight is the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead.  I have a feeling that it will be another cliffhanger ending.

I think Gabriel might pass away.  His condition in recent episodes was pretty bad. So I think he will be a character they will probably kill off. I hate for em to do so, cuz I like him.  But they have killed off characters in the past who are favorites.  Another thing I like about the show, unpredictable.

I guess in a few more hours I will probably be blogging about the episode, and prob in shock and awe and probably mad cuz a cliffhanger ending, LOL.






Rickie Traeger Blog: Just A Quick 2 AM Blog. Rundown On My Day

So I figured I would blog a bit. I was trying to get some sleep tonight, but that is not happening. It is 2 am, and I am sitting here listening to Coast to Coast AM. One of my favorite radio shows I listen too almost religiously.

My brother and good friend were both in the ER earlier tonight.  I won’t go into details for privacy reasons. But I hope and pray they have a speedy recovery.  They were not related, different reasons.  If you pray, please pray for their recoveries.

Last night I went to Walmart.  I spun my vehicle once while turning a corner.  I was going slow as heck, so to put a long story short. It was slippery as heck out. There was ice under the snow!  I made a post about how slippery it was, and some people were saying go slow and you will be fine.  Um yeah, guess those people weren’t out driving in it!  Even going slow, it was slippery out.  Heck shortly after I posted that, there was an auto accident on Forest Hills,  and police shut down Forest Hills from Harlem to 173 because they said the road was a mess and also because of the accident. So to those people being keyboard warriors, the police were even saying how poor the roads were.

I was able to work some HF earlier today.  Band was poor though.   I was hoping to work this one specific special event station. I tried all day long and was not able to make the contact. Kinda bummed about that, but hey what can ya do.  I did work a few stations though. You can check out my logbook at CLICK HERE

2017/12/09 21:56 40 SSB CF3SZ 7.17800 Canada
2017/12/09 21:20 20 SSB KG4GAD 14.34000 USA FL


The KG4GAD was a nice ragchew with a guy down in Sanford, FL.  He was coming in strong. 5-9+, So I popped on and said hi. He was talking about how he could sit in his yard and see the peoples faces in the airplanes above him. That was how close he was to their airport. And also how warm it was down there. I was kinda jealous, lol.

The CF3SZ  I was hearing pretty strong as well. I heard him in the past but I wasn’t able to make that contact in the past. But earlier today I was able to finally make the contact. It was a quick exchange, typical HF stuff.  But he was a good 5-7 on my end.  It took me a few tries to contact him. He was working a special event of 90 years for his local club.  I thought to myself, 90 years in ham radio is a looong time. But cool to hear 🙂

Alright I am going to pop off here now.  Nite everyone





Rickie Traeger Blog: Today’s Goal, Working HF Special Stations

 Today’s goal is to play radio all day 🙂

I plan on working special events as much as I can on HF.

There is this one I am looking forward too: USS Midway aircraft carrier museum ship (NI6IW) in San Diego CA





Rickie Traeger Blog: Snow In The Forecast, Funny Photo, December 8th National Days

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.   The weatherman is predicting some snow tonight.  I am excited!  I hate cold weather, but love the snow!

With that being said, usually the snow brings a ton of accidents.  I can sit here and tell people to slow down and drive safe and allow extra time.  But we all know, that even when being told that, people will still drive like maniacs and will crash. It is just the way it goes.

The weatherman has predicted 3 inches at one time, all the way down to less than an inch.  So in reality we really do not know what to expect for the amount.  The weather men and women do a good job at what they do. But Mother Nature is going to do what she wants.

I just hope and pray everyone uses caution if they plan on driving. And to allow extra time and drive slow.

A friend of mine posted the photo below on social media.  And it was too funny not to share.  But to be politically correct I should toss one of those disclaimers out there, lol. The photo is not mine. I am not responsible for anyone’s actions or behavior and their drinking problems. I am not liable for any injuries, mental, stress, and all that other stuff, lol. On a serious note,  its a funny photo. Do not try this at home, all though it does seem like a cool idea 😛

I do not drink, but if I did I would sooo do this.

Time for some treasure hunting!

December 8
National Salesperson Day – Second Friday in December
National Brownie Day
Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day   ~  DR Who!




Rickie Traeger Blog: Quick Blog About Rockford Scanner, Volunteers, Scene Videos, Etc..

December 7th 2017 Blog

Well I did not have the chance to take off for a day on Rockford Scanner like I was hoping too.  So, I am hoping that I can today.  I need a few days off actually. I don’t even remember the last time I literally took a day off. A few months back at least.  I really want a vacation, somewhere warm!

Will and I went to go work some scenes earlier tonight.  We worked a fire scene and 2 rollover accidents.  It was cold outside, but I made sure I was bundled up.  He was bundled up also.  Even though it’s cold out, we had fun.  It is fun, when ya enjoy doing what ya do.  That is documenting what’s going on and reporting it to the citizens so they are informed and safer.

Check out the videos below.

It is snowing outside.  Yes, Snow!  It is not much but it is sticking to the ground, grass, streets.  It is very pretty to see.  As I write this, it sounds like thunder outside. Wonder if we have thunder snow?  Doubt it, cuz the temps outside are in the middle teens.  I know I just heard what sounded like thunder a few seconds ago. But its way too cold for thunder snow. Weird.  Anyways, its very cold outside and it is snowing. So please dress warm and allow some extra time to scrape off your vehicles this morning and drive to work.  It is the dry snow, so it is easy to remove. But the roadways were getting a lil slippery.

My cousin told me to watch this show on Netflix called “Shot in the dark”  she said it is exactly what I do and I would like it.  So I popped it on and began watching it.  Pretty interesting stuff.  The only difference is, they sell their content to the media. And well, I am media. But everything they say and do, is dam near what I do overall.  Was pretty interesting to watch it.  It was like a mirror image really.  They are more intense though.  They take things to the extreme. I just kick back at a distance and use a zoom lens.  So that part I did see a difference between them and I.  They get up in the scenes, I respect the1st responders and keep back at a distance.  But the show is a good one for sure, be sure to check it out! Kudos to my cousin for turning me onto it.


Alright I am getting tired. I wanted to make a quick log real quick.

Before I go, I am looking for volunteers at Rockford Scanner.  If your interested http://rockfordscanner.com/volunteer-for-rockford-scanner/


Rickie Traeger Blog: Taking The Day Off, Another Certification, Net Control, UFC 3, Etc…

Tuesday December 5th 2017 Blog

I think I am going to take today off. Take a day off and kick back and get some stuff done. So do not expect much Rockford Scanner stuff today. I will resume on Wednesday.  Thanks for understanding.

It has been super windy outside the last 24 hours. Also the temps are dropping as well. Highs in the 20-30’s, yes the highs!   I guess winter is now officially here. At least I was able to get out and enjoy the warmer days while it lasted.

I will probably play on some HF today.  I doubt I will hear any special stations or dx, considering it is Tuesday.  But hey, ya never know!

I want to send a special shout out to everyone who has assisted me with Rockford Scanner. I can not say thank you enough!  Much appreciated!

I downloaded the UFC 3 beta game.  I was hoping that it would be different that UFC 2.  I own UFC 2, and playing the beta is pretty much the same. So I highly doubt I will buy UFC 3 when it comes out.

I am going to be the net control net opfor ARES next Thursday, so be sure to check in!  I always look forward to being the net op. Always fun! Won’t be long before we are doing the Skywarn nets also!

I will make another blog later today on the scenes I worked recently. So be sure to check back later on to read up on that.

I ended up getting another certification recently.  I always say, you can never learn too much.  As the saying goes “You can strip a man of his belonging, but you can never strip a man of his knowledge”

December 5




Rickie Traeger Blog: Package Thefts And A Bait Box 

Package Thefts And Bait Box 

This time of the year is when thieves hit hard. All the packages left on the doorsteps and the mailman drives away leaving your package alone and exposed to the criminal eyes.

The RPD actually just released a thing today on package thefts.

This is what everyone should do:  Build a FAKE box and put something “surprising” in it such as cat poop or other stuff.  Just something with weight in it, that you don’t mind a suspect stealing.

Put that fake box on your doorstep. The “bait box”  Make it appear you are “not home”

Make sure you have CAMERAS WATCHING IT ALL THE TIME!  A good quality camera that captures the box and the suspect. So when the suspect steals it, you have video evidence.

Send us the video of the suspect stealing the box, so we can post it!

You are probably asking why do this?  The main goal is to prevent package thefts and capturing suspects who do it!  I personally hate thieves!   Also will be video evidence to help police and also make your neighbors aware of the crime in your neighborhood and the suspect!

Yes, it is perfectly legal to do this.  All you are doing is putting a box on your private property. And recording that box on your private property. No laws state you cannot do this. So it is perfectly legal to build a  box, put it on your doorstep and video record it 🙂

Caught on camera recently in Rockford ~ http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/11/rockford-suspect-caught-on-camera-stealing-a-package-from-mailbox/

More info on recent package thefts ~ http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/11/rockford-scanner-recent-theft-of-packages-reported/

Below is the thing from the RPD warning citizens about package thefts. Might take a second for it to load.