“Cry Little Sister”

  • Rickie 

So I like this song called “Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann. 

It was on the soundtrack of the Lost Boys. It is a really damn good song! 

Recently Marilyn Manson remade it.   So I went on Youtube to listen to Marilyn Manson version of it. And came across a few others who remade the song as well. 

I will say I am highly impressed!  

Below are the different versions of the song, Cry Little Sister. 
I will list them in the order on how I like the versions.  #1 being the best version. 
I should say the original is the best version, originals are always best! 

These other versions, holy cow are they frigging amazing! 
Kudos to each artist who remade this song and put their own spin on it. I love it!  


It feels weird putting Marilyn Manson in last, because I am big fan of his. And here I am putting him in last. As you know, I don’t lie and keep things real.  So as much as I like Marilyn Manson, I liked his version of it but felt the others were better. I do love the dark theme he put on it though, Rock On Marilyn Manson 🙂 

Do you agree or disagree in the order I like the versions?


Rickie Traeger:

Happy Walking Dead Day! 

So, I am kinda torn on the mid season finale.   I was expecting some more out of it.

I am going to be simple and short on this blog, because I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who have not yet saw it.

But a simple google search or a trip to twitter, you will see what happened, lol.

So, they found the horde!  But, I am still left with questions…

Where did Alpha run off too? Did she purposely lead them there?  Was that horde there underground all along, or did they recently move them there? What is Darryl thinking about Carol?  What was Gabriel thinking? Don’t get me wrong, I like what he did. But they left it hanging as to why…   I can see Eugene and Rossita hooking up later on.  The man stealing the boat, can he be trusted?  Machione is heading off to a strange island with this man.  Does she really thing he is going to give him the weapons they want?

I mean as you can see there are a lot of questions that are left unanswered.

It ended with the group falling into a cave, and are trapped with the horde.  There was not a lot of action tonight. I was expecting a lot of fast paced action.

And not one thing on Neegan…

Alright, I prob spoiled it for many, lol.  I won’t say no more.

I was expecting a lot more this episode, and it feels like I fell down their cave with them, in disappointment. And that is saying a lot, considering I am a long term and loyal fan since day one.  I rarely ever say anything bad about the show, because I am biased because I love the show. But tonight’s show for being a mid season finale, left a lot of questions and feeling down in a cave.