Rickie Traeger Blog: Daytona 500 is here!


Well the Daytona 500 has started a few minutes ago!  I am super excited!

All though it is bittersweet. Danica Patrick, it is her last race. I was hoping she would continue her career in Nascar.  But this is her final race 🙁    Hopefully she can win!

Oh man,  I have to eat my words!  I am rooting for William Byron this year.  I did not think Darrell “Bubba” Wallace JR was not going to be good. Holy cow, I was wrong!  That man is kicking butt and taking names at Daytona right now. Bubba Wallace JR will definitely be one to watch this year.

You can read about my thoughts  on the new drivers in the link below

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At the time of writing this, they are only 12 laps into the Daytona 500.  They had their first caution with a blown engine. I am actually shocked with the new aerodynamics from the new car design, that there has not been an accident yet.

I really hope no one crashes Danica.  Whenever she does good, someone always wrecks her.  I was reading online, on all the BS she has been through because she is a female driver in Nascar. On how they purposely crashed her, lots of harassment, etc…

Alright I am going to pop off here and will probably edit this at the end of the race.  So check back later on