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Jun 29

Severe Weather Hits My Area, Tornado Sirens, Flooding, Etc…

I want to first say THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their storm photos and videos!   Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Hopefully everyone was able to make it through the storm safely. Above is just one of my personal rain gauges in my yard.  As you can see, there is a …

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Feb 04

Just A Quick Quiz To Get To Know Me A Bit

    Friend of mine posted this on their social media, so i thought I would do it since I had a few minutes. So here it goes: Why not take a break and learn about each other? 1. Who are you named after? My uncle who passed away 2. Last time you cried? Last …

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Jan 19

Quick Blog For Today

    I was sitting here so I thought I would blog for a few minutes. My grandma and brother were both in the hospital recently. My grandma was in there a few days. My brother was in overnight. I won’t go into details, because of HIPPA. They are both recovering now. Thank god. I …

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Nov 07

100 Questions Answered, Cuz I am Bored

  So I am finally getting around to answering peoples things they send or tag me in on FB. This one is 100 random questions.  So here we go……..   DO YOU WANT TO ANSWER THE 100 QUESTIONS NO ONE EVER ASKS? HERE’S THE FULL LIST: 1. DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR CLOSET DOORS OPEN …

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May 22

Rickie Traeger Blog, Aircraft Emergency Landing, Photography, Rockford Scanner, Facebook Notifications

I think I died and gone to heaven!   My weather is back!  I am so excited its around 80 degrees again. Been awhile since we had this weather.  This is my weather, the weather I would die for.  Winter is my least favorite seasons. I went for a walk a little bit ago to enjoy …

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