Rickie Traeger Blog: Cyber Monday


November 27th
National Craft Jerky Day
National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
Cyber Monday – Monday After Thanksgiving


I am hoping to get some “Cyber Monday” deals on some e-books for my kindle!

I am currently reading “Witness to Roswell”  a darn good book I might add!  But, I am hoping to get some books for when I finish it.

I read non fiction mainly. I enjoy reading that, because I learn.   All though I like Stephen King books, so that’s why I said “mainly”, LOL.   I was reading the reviews on his new book he wrote with his son. I was really looking forward to reading it, but the reviews are really mixed, most of them are saying it is not all that good.

I guess I will have to get it and judge for myself 😛  So, hopefully they have Stephen King or some good non-fiction books on sale for Cyber Monday!

I watched the Walking Dead earlier as much as I like the show, that episode wasn’t all that.  Considering only a few episodes left, I thought maybe it would have been more action packed.  Maybe they are leading up to it?