Rickie Traeger Blog: Daytona 500 is here!


Well the Daytona 500 has started a few minutes ago!  I am super excited!

All though it is bittersweet. Danica Patrick, it is her last race. I was hoping she would continue her career in Nascar.  But this is her final race 🙁    Hopefully she can win!

Oh man,  I have to eat my words!  I am rooting for William Byron this year.  I did not think Darrell “Bubba” Wallace JR was not going to be good. Holy cow, I was wrong!  That man is kicking butt and taking names at Daytona right now. Bubba Wallace JR will definitely be one to watch this year.

You can read about my thoughts  on the new drivers in the link below

Rickie Traeger Blog: Who To Follow In Nascar In 2018

At the time of writing this, they are only 12 laps into the Daytona 500.  They had their first caution with a blown engine. I am actually shocked with the new aerodynamics from the new car design, that there has not been an accident yet.

I really hope no one crashes Danica.  Whenever she does good, someone always wrecks her.  I was reading online, on all the BS she has been through because she is a female driver in Nascar. On how they purposely crashed her, lots of harassment, etc…

Alright I am going to pop off here and will probably edit this at the end of the race.  So check back later on





Rickie Traeger Blog: Dreamlifter, More Snow, Nascar, Luge, Olympics, Clear Fire Hydrants, Etc…


Hope everyone has a safe and fun Saturday!

Nascar is back on TV!  I am switching between Nascar and the Olympics as I type this.  Watching the Arca race and the Mens Luge.  Super excited about both!

William did an awesome video on clearing out the fire hydrants.  Please take a few minutes and watch it. Very informative!  Kudos to William!  (CLICK HERE)

Speaking of, they are predicting another 1-3 inches tonight. (CLICK HERE) So odds are they will be enforcing parking once again. So heads up.  I was told by a meteorologist that the long term forecast shows warming temps towards the end of February!  Let’s hope that holds true!  So enjoy the snow while it is here.

I am a little under the weather today. So kicking back and watching Nascar and the Olympics works out great.  Dunno what it is, maybe just a bug. Who knows. Its not like I am full blown sick, just under the weather. I have a DR appointment this week. So hopefully I feel better by then.

Speaking of DR’s I was able to take my good friend Wizard to his eye doctor appointment. He now has a date scheduled for June. I am super excited for him! On side note, I got lost on the way to his appointment. So he was a lil late. But the doctors office was understanding. Thank god. But now he has a set date to look forward too!

The Dreamlifter left Dallas and flew into Chicago a little bit ago. It is scheduled to depart Chicago at 4:42 pm. And is headed to Japan. I am hoping I can see it fly overhead when it departs.  Hopefully the clouds stay away long enough so I can see it.

Out of all the aircraft in the world, the Dreamlifter is my favorite. I catch a lot of heck from friends for it. Because they like fighter jets, etc… And they think the Dreamlifter is big and ugly. To me, it is unique.  Thats why I like it!  It is unique and has special purposes. It has a special role and one of a kind aircraft.  It is always best to stand out as one and be yourself and unique, than to be just one of hundreds.  😉

National Holidays Today

February 10th
National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
National Home Warranty Day
National Umbrella Day







Rickie Traeger Blog: Winter Storm, NASACR, Olympics Opening Ceremony


Good Friday!

As you know we got slammed with a lot of snow in the last 24 hours. National Weather Service said we got between 6-10 inches unofficially.  Definitely is nice to see the snow!  I can’t wait for spring time, but the snow is nice to see. I guess they said another inch or two overnight tonight as well.

I took my youngest daughter sledding today for the first time.  She enjoyed it. We had fun. Cold but fun.  She went down a few times then wanted to come back home. So after going down the hill a few times, we came back home. We got stuck on the way back home. But we were able to get un-stuck, thank god.  When I got home I did the driveway.  My driveway wasn’t too bad. But the end of the driveway, OMG.  That part sucked.  The city plows come by and plow the street snow into the end of the driveway, and that snow is heavy as heck.

We went to build a snowman, but the snow was not packing. So we have to wait awhile to build one. That will be fun to do 🙂

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  That be fun to watch 🙂   We watched the skating and skiing last night.  The skaters kept falling, was interesting to see. You have to ask yourself, why are all these professional athletes falling?  I mean almost every skater fell during the competition.

NASCAR starts this weekend also!  Stewart-HAAS Racing and William Byron are the people I am rooting for this season.  I wanted to go for a rookie this year, so William Byron it is.  I am excited about NASCAR starting back up as well 🙂







Rickie Traeger Blog: Who To Follow In Nascar In 2018


Good morning everyone!

I sat here and thought about who I am going to follow this year in NASCAR.   I am a huge Tony Stewart fan and will follow his team for sure. But I told myself that I am going to start following a rookie. Someone fresh and new and begin a new start. So I sat here for awhile thinking, out of the three. Which one to choose?

  • William Byron,
  • Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. ,
  • Ray Black Jr.

I personally didn’t care too much about Ray Black Jr.  I watched him and I feel the other 2 are better. So then I narrowed it down to William or Darrell?

I think both of these drivers are good and have great potential.  I read up on them and watched some their races.  Both have pros and cons for sure.

I sat here and was still at  standstill on which of the two, to choose to follow in 2018.  I looked down at the time on the PC and saw the date.  That is when I made my decision.  Of all things, the date will decide, lol.  

My grandpa Slatton passed away January 2014. His name was William.   Yup, you guess it.

I am going to follow William Byron in 2018.  (And SHR team)