Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Birthday To My Cousin, New Years 2018, Stock Market, Freezing Cold!



Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years!  Family and I spent family time at home and watched the ball drop on TV.  I was watching the TV, and I am going to rant here in a second on something.

We have many talented artist in the world, and many would do almost anything to be in the spot of New Years on TV.  Talented artist who actually sing!  They had Brittany Spears on TV, and she was freaking LIP SYNCING!  OMG, I have lost all respect for her!  People want to hear you sing, not flipping dance!!!  So disappointed and frustrated in her and well whoever decided to book her, SMH!!!   Many talented artist out there, and they pull that crap.  K, rant over, LOL.

I want to send out birthday shout out’s to my cousin Misty and also my friend Ryan. Happy Birthday!  Hope you guys have awesome birthdays today!

So as I type this, the wind chills are currently -35 below at times.  The actual  temp is -11. Yup, that is Fahrenheit  temps!  A little cold out there.  I know this is normal winter weather for us, but still it is damn cold, lol.  I guess anything below 60 is cold to me, so imagine -11!  LOL

So it is now 2018.  I never made a New Year resolution.  I had a few in mind, but never set in stone.  I think this might be the first year of not making one.  The one I been weighing heavily on, is limiting my pop. I drink way to much pop these days. So I need to limit my intake. Maybe a can or 2 a day would be nice. I should invest into some pop stock!  Actually before the holidays would of been best for that.

Speaking of stock, I an doing so-so now. My stock I been losing on. Well now I am just above even.  I have stock in Ford, Bitcoin, Cannabis Science, Greenshift.  I think the only one that has made profit is the bitcoin one.  I am soooo mad at Greenshift.  I had thousands of stock in them, and I don’t know what happened but now I have 0.04 stock in them.  I mean seriously, WTF!  I bought several thousands of shares, and now this. I tried calling to get answers but they wouldn’t answer. I guess thats what I get for playing in penny stocks, lots scammers in there.  I do stocks for long term. Basically buy and sit on them. Yes, I know thats not really the way to do it. But the site I use, charges $10 per trade. So you pretty much need to sit on it anyways, unless you get a hella deal on something and make at least a $20 profit to break even on trading fees alone.

I used to listen to people online and TV and go with their “advice”  but I lost alot back in the day doing that. So my advice is do not listen to them and go with your gut.  Keep up to date on news as it hits the wire. That has what got me profit in the past.  Right now, I am in long term just sitting on stuff.  So that is why I am just above even right now. But if you want to make some quick cash, be on top of the news wires 😉

So I will wrap today’s blog up and wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous and Healthy 2018!   Spend quality time with those you love and make new memories! We only live once, as they say YOLO!  So enjoy 2018 and make it great!  And expect daily blogs from me!  I look forward to blogging each day and interacting with fans. So feel free to contact me anytime.  In the meantime, stay warm!  It is cold out there!






Rickie Traeger Blog: New Years Eve, What Was Good & Bad In 2017


Today is Sunday December 31st 2017. The last day of 2017! It is kind of bittersweet. Leaving 2017 and entering 2018.

2017 flew by!  I mean i can’t complain because if you think about it,  it won’t be long before it is Spring 2018 🙂    But on a serious note, winters always drag by and Summers always fly by. Never fails.

I was asked what was my favorite and worst memories of 2017.

My worst one is definitely losing Jeff.  N9IMI.   Him and I talked on the radio every night for many hours each night for a long time.   Him and I became close friends through the ham radio. Losing him took a toll on me. I distanced myself from ham radio for awhile as well.  So by far, the worst of 2017 was losing my good friend Jeff (N9IMI) May he Rest In Peace

The positive thing for 2017 would be just being able to wake up each day and spending time with my family and those I love and trust.  Nothing can ever top that.   If I had to choose a specific event, I think it would be that the New York Times revealed a big thing on UFO’s!  The government was doing a secret project to research UFO technology and released a military video of a UFO, from the USS Nimitz . CLICK HERE  That might even be the news of the decade!

2018 is just literally hours away!  I can not wait for the 3rd. The X-Files is coming back!  3 more days!  I am beyond excited!!!  I was asked about my New Year resolution. I have not put much thought into it.  I think if I had to choose one, it will be doing more photography in 2018.  I use my body camera a lot, and want to use that for time lapse and other photography projects.  I been getting back into the monochrome stuff again (black and white photos) so I might do that.  I am thinking about starting a 365 or 52 week photo project. What better time to start one, than January 1st 🙂

I know many people will be going out to party tonight, so please be safe. Use your head and think responsibly.  As you know, when it hits midnight there are numerous gunshots that go off. What goes up, comes back down.  So please please be safe out there tonight!  Do not drink and drive!

HAPPY New Year 2018!!!