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Aug 14

Arlington Million Experience!

As many of you know I had the honor of attending the Arlington Million race on Saturday! It was awesome being able to attend and watch the horse races in person. Been awhile! Heads up this is going to be a long blog My father in law and I attended the Arlington Million race on …

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Aug 28

Blog About Winter, Rockford Scanner, Missing My Dad

    I been thinking of my dad a lot the last few days. Wishing I could see and talk to him one last time. But I know in reality that will never happen. People always are saying time heals things, and how they know how I feel, and things will get better. I tend …

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Jul 07

Quick Blog For Now

Figured it was time to update the blog a bit. I want to send out a belated Happy 4th of July to everyone. Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. July 6th, was my birthday. I will just say I am 21 years old, and let everyone think that, LOL. Much appreciated …

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