So much for those storms…

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So much for those storms…

Well we did get a small thunderstorm here. But it did not last long 🙁
I did see some pretty good cloud to cloud (c2c) lightning.  I was not able to photograph it though. It did not lightning much, but when it did, it was beautiful 🙂

It did rain for awhile. We have been needing some rain. It rained for a few hours.  As crazy as it sounds, it sure was nice to see some rain again, lol.

I hope everyone is having a good day 🙂   I am popping off here to play some IRacing.

Rickie Traeger: Keeping My Fingers Crossed For Thunderstorms

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Local meteorologist predicted severe weather for today. 

We have yet to see it…

However there is some pretty decent cells over in Iowa.

Several reports of funnels and tornadoes.

I doubt they will hold strength, by the time they get here.

Sun is going down, but the one thing that might help us is the dew points in the mid seventies.

I did get a pretty sweet time lapse of the cells that moved through earlier, I will post later on.

Keep our fingers cross we get some thunderstorms tonight 🙂

Rickie Traeger: Be True To You

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Good morning everyone!  

Someone asked me the other day, and I figured I would post it here as well.

They asked me; What would be the best advice you could provide someone?

My answer: Be true to yourself.
Once you stray from your heart… Grass don’t grow when it’s dry.

Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July! 

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Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July! 

Admin Will was able to get some amazing footage from the downtown fireworks.

Special thanks for all those who made that possible, thank you.

Rickie Traeger: Just a quick quote I live religiously by

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Just a quick quote I live religiously by: 
“You can strip a man of all of all his clothes and belongings, but you will never strip a man of his knowledge…”

Rickie Traeger: I will say this UFO video has peaked my interest

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I have saw many UFO videos over the years.
Most are BS or people trying to make some $.
However I will say this video has peaked my interest.
Kind of makes me want to pull out my telephoto camera and video the moon all the time now, LOL

Rickie Traeger: People are more focused on here and now

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People are more focused on here and now. 

And not the overall picture, and the future.

Quit thinking about yourselves,

and start to think of the overall picture, and others.

Watching episodes of Hangar 1

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I have been watching episodes of Hangar 1. 

It is a pretty interesting show.

I wonder if there is a place online, we can view these files directly?

If you know, can you please let me know!

Full Lecture From Philip Schneider

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