Rickie Traeger Blog: Package Thefts And A Bait Box 

Package Thefts And Bait Box 

This time of the year is when thieves hit hard. All the packages left on the doorsteps and the mailman drives away leaving your package alone and exposed to the criminal eyes.

The RPD actually just released a thing today on package thefts.

This is what everyone should do:  Build a FAKE box and put something “surprising” in it such as cat poop or other stuff.  Just something with weight in it, that you don’t mind a suspect stealing.

Put that fake box on your doorstep. The “bait box”  Make it appear you are “not home”

Make sure you have CAMERAS WATCHING IT ALL THE TIME!  A good quality camera that captures the box and the suspect. So when the suspect steals it, you have video evidence.

Send us the video of the suspect stealing the box, so we can post it!

You are probably asking why do this?  The main goal is to prevent package thefts and capturing suspects who do it!  I personally hate thieves!   Also will be video evidence to help police and also make your neighbors aware of the crime in your neighborhood and the suspect!

Yes, it is perfectly legal to do this.  All you are doing is putting a box on your private property. And recording that box on your private property. No laws state you cannot do this. So it is perfectly legal to build a  box, put it on your doorstep and video record it 🙂

Caught on camera recently in Rockford ~ http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/11/rockford-suspect-caught-on-camera-stealing-a-package-from-mailbox/

More info on recent package thefts ~ http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/11/rockford-scanner-recent-theft-of-packages-reported/

Below is the thing from the RPD warning citizens about package thefts. Might take a second for it to load.