Rickie Traeger Blog: Astron Code Reader, About Me Page Update, My Pet Tarantula

Today’s blog is a late one.

I been busy all day so I did not get a chance to blog yet today.  I plan on kicking back and relaxing now.  I went and got a Astron Code Reader for my vehicles. That way when something goes wrong, I know what went wrong.  I brought it into Advanced Auto, and they told me they no longer do code reading.

I am trying to learn this thing.  Looks like one badazz device. I was able to read the codes on my vehicle, so that was cool. I need to learn how to erase it so when they happen again I can cross reference them.

I am trying to finish up the About Me page on here. I grabbed one of those 200 questionaire things online and posted it. Now I been in the process of trying to finish it, lol. Hopefully tonight when I get some free time.

I have not had the chance to upload the quadcopter video yet. It saved onto my cell and not the card, so I have to transfer from the cell to the PC, then upload it. So it be a bit. Sorry in the delay.


My baby “Draculaura” she is a Pink Toe Tarantula


As many of you know I own a pet tarantula. I am going to be making a page on my website, just about her. Her own page 🙂   Anyways, she is pretty docile. I mean really docile overall.

Well I cleaned out her terrarium the other day and she ended up going into defensive posture and raised her hairs.  She ended up tagging me when my hand went by her while I cleaned the side of the cage. She also ended up shooting her hairs at me. Yeah, not fun at all.  But I know that even though I was cleaning her terrarium I was still in her space. And that was her way of telling me to leave it.  Which is messed up, since I was cleaning her cage, lol.  They are wild animals and they don’t know any different.  But it really caught me off guard since I thought she was pretty docile overall. That was the first time shes ever been aggressive towards me. But like I said, I was in her space.

I should make her page tonight and post some photos of her 🙂

Draculaura in defensive posture just before she shot her hairs at me “Pink Toe Tarantula”