so i am sure that is why it seems like time has flown by.  Either way

Rickie Traeger: Holy Donkey Balls It Is About To Get COLD

Happy hump day!  hard to believe it is Wednesday already!  this week has flown by so fast.   I been busy doing stuff with the new server and keeping occupied, so i am sure that is why it seems like time has flown by.  Either way, it is Wednesday already… 

As you probably have noticed, I changed the layout some on my site here last night. I really enjoy this layout a lot. Responsive and looks good in my opinion. I am still tweaking the design some still. So it is not set in stone yet. But I definitely am going to use this design when I redo the RS website.  I think this design is perfect.  Yes, many don’t like the whole blog type of design and they prefer cms sites. But hey, I like it and it looks good.  So this is what I have narrowed it down too 🙂    I am still holding off a few days, probably until next week to redesign the RS site. Just because I am waiting for the dns propogation to work correctly. I noticed earlier that it was still not caught up at times. So I am going to hold off until next week, and redo it then 🙂

I thought about redoing it tonight. I do not yet know yet. As I write this, the more I think about it. I might just do it tonight. I guess time will tell, LOL.  Play it by ear and see if I get the itch to redo it tonight, or hold off until next week, LOL.   I really want to get it done asap but the same time if it weren’t for the dns propogation I would have already started, LOL.   I dunno, I guess time will tell.

So, It snowed again and more in the forecast.  It sticked for a bit, but then went away 🙂   But I saw something I did not like at all! Highs in the 20’s grrrrrrrrrrrr  Yes, you heard me right, highs in the 20’s.  That is high temps, BELOW FREEZING, for the high temps!  Take a look at this crappy weather forecast for us.  I mean WTF, LOL.  Who is down for a vacation 😛  😎