Rickie Traeger: Go Big Show

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Rickie Traeger

 So I came across a new tv show that is starting later tonight! 

It is called Go Big Show.

Looks like a lot of daredevils!

I am super excited about this show!

Rickie Traeger: Thursday Metal Detecting Finds

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Updated: Added some videos from the Gopro from today’s’ metal detecting hunt.

As you know I am new to the metal detecting hobby. It has been a long time since I did it.  Recently I got a metal detector and went and got my permit out at the park.  So I have been researching places to metal detect and metal detecting some. 

I am getting to know my metal detector and learning to dig holes the right way.   I still have a lot to learn. And would love to hear from other metal detecting hobbyist.

Recently I was able to get a map of some locations of interest.

I went out scouting places on Tuesday. The one place looked like a good place to metal detect. Or so I thought…..   It looks like there might be a lot of stuff in that area.  So I decided to go there today and metal detect.

I went out there today and got a hit on the metal detector. And went to dig in the ground. OMG, that was the worst ground to dig in! I tried to dig the hole for the metal detector hit, but I couldn’t.  So I left that area. Sucks, because it looked like a promising place to metal detect too!

I went back to an area I have metal detecting recently. It wasn’t to far from that location.   I still have a lot of area to still cover there. So I  went there today to cover some more of the area.  I got approx. 10 metal detector hits, that I dug holes for.

I tried to do some go pro footage of the metal detecting hunt, but I have not checked to see how the videos turned out. I will check and see if the videos turned out, if they did I will uplaod em to youtube and shar eon here.  Update: Uploaded the videos to this article 🙂

I bet many of you can guess what I found!   Yup, ……………………….. Trash, LOL.

A lot of pull tabs and bottle caps.  I did find a few things though, that normally I would think of as trash, but since I was metal detecting they are kinda cool, lol.

  • 1973 Lincoln Penny
  • Nail, or at least I think it is a nail, LOL
  • Several pull tabs and 1 or a few bottle caps. I don’t keep track of these…
  • Some kind of wire with loop holes on the ends.
  • Long piece of iron. Least I think it is Iron. Unknown what it is for.
  • Some kind of metal, that has a loop at the end. Reminds me of a dog post for the yard.

I got tore up by thorns. I ruined my pants.  So, I have to find a plan of action on how to metal detect and not get tore up by thorns. Anyone have any ideas?   The obvious, is to not metal detect in that area, lol.  But I read you have to go places that people don’t visit much, because other metal detector hobbyist may have already got to an area. So I found this spot, and I think it has a lot of potential. But holy cow!  Thorns and those pesky things that stick to your clothes! I dunno what they are called, lol.

I like metal detecting, it is good exercise.

But I just started so I have a ton to learn still. And A LOT to find in the ground!

Rickie Traeger: First Time Metal Detecting In Years


I went metal detecting today. The first time in a looooooong time! 

I got several of the infamous pull tabs.  Nothing like diggging a hole and trying to find what the metal detector hit on. To dig and dig and search and search, to only find out it is just a pull tab.  Yup, it was that kinda day, LOL.

But, I did find a few wire pieces and  2 pocket knives.

In the process I sliced open my finger, and my palm.  Oh let’s not forget the thorns too…

While I was out there metal detecting, I saw this cute creature.


Rickie Traeger: Keep My Grandma In Your Thoughts And Prayers.

Hope everyone is having a good week!  

Please keep my grandma in your thoughts and prayers. She had to go to the ER by ambulance yesterday.  With the pandemic going on, no one is allowed in the hospital right now. So we are unable to see her, or know what exactly is going on. So it is in God’s hands right now and we hope and we pray that she will be OK and have a speedy recovery.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Been a crazy week overall, lol.  From warmth to snow and ice all in just a few days!

We been self quarantining, so I haven’t been out much at all.

Someone asked why I been posting survival stuff.  To put a long story short, a person can never have enough knowledge. And quite frankly right now is one of the best times that people should be studying and learning survival stuff. We are going through a worldwide pandemic right now. And the economy has dropped and many are struggling to survive.  So, what better time to inform people, than now.

Rickie Traeger: Thursday March 26th Blog

Good evening everyone! 

I heard possible thunderstorms are on the way in the next few days.  I really hope that is true! I have been wanting to have a thunderstorm for a long time now. Now that winter is fading away, it is Spring now and time for some good storms 🙂

I want to take a second and give a HUGE shout out to a special woman that was able to help me out yesterday.  My mask had broken just prior to her helping me out. And this woman was able to help me. And I can’t say THANK YOU enough!  I don’t know if she will ever read this or not, but words can’t describe how thankful I am. God bless you!

I am about to kick on some X-Files after I finish up writing this. I have been watching all the episodes again 🙂  I am currently in season 6 at episode 17.  As you know, I love this show!  I have watched ALL the episodes, countless times. No joke. I have watched all the seasons and episodes a ton of times. I am sure those around me are probably sick of it, lol.  But hey what can I say, I love X-Files 🙂

Hope everyone is staying home and abiding the shelter in place! I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!


Rickie Traeger: New Baby Traeger is Born

I  want to say congratulations to my Brother and his girlfriend!

They had a baby boy last night. 7 lbs and 10 oz.   They have not named him yet. 

So I am a proud uncle of a new baby boy Traeger!


Rickie Traeger: Happy Thursday everyone! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

I was able to change the RS website over to the new server. Overall it went well. Better than expected. As expected a few hiccups, but that is expected.  Some are having issues with the DNS propagation. But that is expected as well. That is out of my control. Just a waiting game.

I have updated the FOIA page on the Rockford Scanner website. Still have more to add. But I been waiting for this new server, so I could update the FOIA page. So be sure to check the FOIA page out 🙂

Was hoping to get a quad flight in tonight, and do the sunset. But I missed it. I hate how fast the sun goes down these days, LOL. Why does it have to get dark so early now???  Where is that “Spring forward” at? Oh yeah, months away 🙁   But back on topic, I will have to do my flight tomm.   Speaking of, I was driving down the road yesterday and saw someone flying theirs. I didn’t see the quad, but saw he had the remote in his hand. I wanted to stop and talk to him but I was in the middle of driving down the road in heavy traffic, so I wasn’t able to pull over, lol.  But it was cool to see someone flying theirs!