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Nov 22

Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Thanksgiving & Safe Travels

Happy Thanksgiving   I want to begin by wanting to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Yes, it is tomm. But many will be traveling, so I figured I would post this today If you are traveling, please be safe!  A lot of people on the roadways over the next few days.  Also police …

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Nov 20

Rickie Traeger Blog: Rockford Scanner Website Maintenance, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Parade, Awesome Light Show, Etc…

November 20th 2017   Time to catch up on some stuff here.  Bear with me this might be a long blog post. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, LOL. I am going to be changing the Rockford Scanner website around a bit overnight Monday night and doing some routine maintenance on it.  So the website …

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Nov 15

Rickie Traeger Blog For Wednesday November 15th 2017

  I took a few days off from blogging, been super busy doing a lot of Rockford Scanner stuff. I do apologize, but I know you guys understand 🙂 So time to catch up these last few days. I won’t say much, because you can just go onto http://rockfordscanner.com and see what stories I been …

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Nov 13

Rickie Traeger Blog: November 13th 2017 Blog (Casting, Walking Dead, Matt Kenseth Win, Bears Lost to Packers)

November 13th 2017   So I was asked to apply for some casting calls.  Well, I did.  I am a highly motivated and confident person. But I highly doubt I will be chosen, lol.  I don’t think that is the field I would be good in, but I guess you never know until you try …

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Nov 12

Rickie Traeger Blog For November 12th 2017

  We had our first official snow of the season a few hours ago! It is sure beautiful!  And wouldn’t you know, I forgot to take a photo of it. Go figure, LOL  Oh well, I am sure we will be getting more soon.  Today is the Bear vs Packers game.   You know who I …

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Nov 11

Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Veterans Day!

  Happy Veterans Day!     I want to start the blog off this morning with saying Happy Veterans Day! I want to personally say Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served! Much appreciated for your service! To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you ~ …

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Nov 09

Police Scanner Talk: Do you know of any interesting frequencies? 

  Police Scanner Talk: I thought I would start a new thing. As you know my main goal and purpose is keeping the police scanner hobby alive and well. So I am going to create a new thing called “Police Scanner Talk” a new feature to talk and interact with the fans about our police …

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Nov 08

Rickie Traeger Blog: My Life’s Goal To See The Ocean One Day, Condolences To Officer Cox, Gran Turismo Sport

November 8th  I do apologize for taking so long to make another blog entry. Last blog was Saturday Morning. So it is time to catch up.  I first and foremost want to send my condolences to Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox, his family and friends, and to the Rockford Police Department.  Officer Cox was killed …

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Nov 03

Rickie Traeger Blog: Change Your Clocks Back And Change Your Smoke Alarm & CO Detector Batteries!

Saturday November 4th 2017    I wanted to remind everyone about setting your clocks back tonight an hour.  Yes, it is that time of year again. Remember the saying “Spring Ahead, Fall Back”  When you set your clocks back tonight be sure to replace your batteries in your smoke detectors and also your carbon monoxide …

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Nov 02

Rickie Traeger Blog: November 1st, No Shave November Bringing Awareness To Cancer

Blog For November 1st 2017   I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  Hope it went safe and everyone stayed warm and had lots of fun!     I posted the video above from TANTRIC.  They are one of my favorite bands.  I love that song in the video “MOURNING”    that is one badazz song!  …

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