Rickie Traeger Blog: How Did Carl Get Bitten? Walking Dead

Heads up, SPOILER ALERT in case you did not watch.

As you know from my previous blog, it was about tonight’s episode of the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead.  I will begin by saying I was very impressed with tonight’s episode!   Job well done to the cast of the Walking Dead. 

As you know since working the Walker Stalker Con event awhile back ago and seeing the people in real life. Carl used to be one of my favorite characters. But he was a real dickhead in real life.  So after my experience with meeting him in person in real life, he is now one of my hated characters.  So long story short,  I was extremely happy when the episode ended with him being bitten!

Now with that being said,  how did he get bitten?  There was no walkers around him?  He didn’t fight with a walker.  I mean seriously, how in the heck did he get bitten???  Either way, I am happy he did!  Bye Bye Carl.

Yes, I sound like a jerk when I say that, but my experience when I met him, he was a jerk in real life. So I lost all respect for him.   It is what it is…

Eugene,  I been in the air on his character. I love how intelligent he is.  But I hate how he just thinks for himself and only himself. But tonight’s episode, I am starting to like him more. I think what he did to help Gabriel was honorable. Kudos to Eugene!

I am happy Maggie did what she did. Killed a savior. I think that took a lot for her character to do.  But here’s the kicker on her, she is supposed to be pregnant. For awhile now. But she is not showing at all.  I know she’s supposed to be pregnant, but they aren’t really doing much on that topic in the show.

Speaking of, they rarely show Judith.  Like tonight, how did she get into the sewer?  No one was seen carrying her there.

Man I sound like one those people who judge everything.  LOL.   But seriously, I have some questions.  Some this stuff don’t add up.  Yes, I know it is TV.   But heck, they are supposed to be core characters and things aren’t adding up.


Update: I was browsing Twitter and found this:







Rickie Traeger Blog: Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

This is going to be a quick blog.   Tonight is the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead.  I have a feeling that it will be another cliffhanger ending.

I think Gabriel might pass away.  His condition in recent episodes was pretty bad. So I think he will be a character they will probably kill off. I hate for em to do so, cuz I like him.  But they have killed off characters in the past who are favorites.  Another thing I like about the show, unpredictable.

I guess in a few more hours I will probably be blogging about the episode, and prob in shock and awe and probably mad cuz a cliffhanger ending, LOL.






Rickie Traeger Blog: Tonight’s Supermoon, Skywarn Training, Walking Dead Tonight, Rock Music!



December 3rd 2017 Blog 

Today is Sunday December 3rd 2017 and guess what that means?!?  Yup, Supermoon!  Tonight is the supermoon.  I am excited.  Now if only the weather will hold off so we can all watch it! According to the weather man, it is supposed to be partly cloudy which is good!  Last night we missed the ISS sighting, but hey we can see the Supermoon tonight!  Well let’s keep our fingers crossed! LOL   I plan on taking photos of it.

Share your photos with me at RockfordScanner@Gmail.com

I will be posting your photos on Rockford Scanner!

Read about the supermoon at http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/12/rockford-scanner-tonight-is-the-supermoon-send-us-your-supermoon-photos/

Walking Dead is on tonight!  Super excited about that also.  Sad that there is only 2 episodes left before the mid-season finale.  But it looks like it is going to be a good episode.  As you know I watch that show religiously!  So I cannot wait to watch it tonight!

I am currently chilling to Music Choice ROCK music station.  It is nice to hear some new rock music.  I really am bummed that the WXRX plays the older rock. Don’t get me wrong, the older music is good and what I grew up on, but I want NEW rock music.  The WXRX 104.9 is definitely not like what it used to be, that is for sure. It sucks these days. It be much better if they went back to their roots and played NEW ROCK MUSIC!  I don’t get to listen to music much these days. But when I do it is my “getaway” and I want to listen to the new stuff and see what’s out there these days.

I retook a refresher course in storm chasing. Not like I needed it. But I always like to keep up to date on things.  Heck I been storm chasing and spotting for numerous years and the course was a breeze.  But the reason why I am bringing it up, is because many people out there want to become storm spotters.  And I wanted to share the info with you.

It is always best to become a spotter, before a chaser!

Go here ~ https://www.meted.ucar.edu

Signup, its free.  Then search for Skywarn.