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Oct 21

Orionids Meteor Shower, Anyone Know Information on Last Nights Shooting in Rockford PLEASE Call The Police

    I saw a couple of meteors this week. Pretty neat!  Come to find out the Orionids Meteor Shower is currently ongoing. The peak is now, but it’s been cloudy. So I am pretty lucky to have saw the ones I did, when i did! Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight And The Next Few …

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Oct 19

Getting Out To Look At The Amazing Stars And Universe, Breathtaking.

I took a drive out to the country last night to look at the stars.  I figured it be good to get out and enjoy the last of the nice “warmer” nights as they slow dwindle away in 2017.  Get out and breath some fresh air. And look at the beautiful universe of ours.  I …

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Oct 17

Sickness, Backpack Customization, DDT Backpack, Tarantula, Halloween, Rob Zombie, Etc…

I been sick as heck for the last few days.  Dunno why, but it really knocked me down a bit. Sucks. i am getting better now, thank god!    Not getting into to much details, but hopefully the doctors and insurance company can get things worked out, so I can have this surgery.  I been …

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Oct 13

October 13th 2017 Blog (Pink Toe Tarantula, ARES, Ham Radio, Etc…)

Time for a new blog post.   PINK TOE TARANTULA: I been getting my tarantula comfortable in the new terrarium.  I keep her well fed and watered and lots of room in the terrarium. She is the type that likes height, not stay on the ground. She usually hangs on the side rock wall. She …

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Oct 03

Rickie Traeger Opens Up A Bit On Encryption And How It Hurts Public Safety

  Take a minute and watch this video.  Then scroll down to read  #1 The Rockford police are encrypted and told us originally this incident did NOT happen. #2  After telling them I obtained footage of the incident, the they admitted that it did happen but downplayed it. #3 The Rockford police failed to mention …

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Sep 27

I Bought My Own Pink Toe Tarantula 

    Pink Toe Tarantula    As many of you know I used to own a few tarantulas several years ago.  Well those passed away and I didn’t own another one for several years. Now I own another one!  I am super excited! I went to the pet store to but some fish filters and …

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Sep 18

100 Random Questions I answered

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me one of those 100 questions things.  Since I am just laying here in bed, I figured I  may as well fill it out.  So heads up, this is one those 100 question things and it will be long.  Let’s see just how long it will …

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Sep 18

Coast To Coast Am, Back Injury, HAB Launch, RT 66 Special Event, POW/MIA SPecial Event

  I am sitting here listening to Coast to Coast AM.  I re-subscribed to it.  I love this show.  I was never into talk shows, until I was introduced to this talk show. I been hooked on it ever since. I decided to subscribe as a coast insider, so I can have access to the …

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Sep 14

Danica Patrick, Walking Dead, Time Lapse Video

I am a huge Tony Stewart fan and fully support and follow his drivers religiously. I follow Danica Patrick even more, because shes a hometown girl!  She is from our area. So it has been awesome having her on the Stewart-Haas team!  Well some sad news has now broke 🙁   She will not be racing …

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Sep 06

I took a photo of the Sun & Sunspots! Also Ham Radio Deluxe Error

  So I bought Ham Radio Deluxe awhile back ago and haven’t gotten it to work right. I have had cable issues.  Come to find out I already owned the cables I needed to get it working. I was going through my cables and found them. So I hooked them up and now I am …

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