December 2020

Rickie Traeger: Merry Christmas

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Rickie Traeger

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Rickie Traeger: Quick Friday Night Blog 

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 Quick Friday Night Blog 

I have been doing a lot of FOIA research lately.  Local agencies like to deny the FOIA requests. So I am trying to learn the laws and up my game on the FOIA stuff.  I know the one guy hates RS, and he likes to deny stuff just to do it.  Many have told me that, lol.    So, basically I have to up my game 🙂    I have seeked the knowledge of many lawyers, people who do FOIA’s,  Muckrock, Reporters Committee, etc…

I lost a ton of previous FOIA requests, from a data crash. So I lost a ton of FOIA stuff from the past 🙁

In a way that is good, because now I have a lot of room for future requests.   And also many of those who have helped me and inspired me recommended using DoucumentCloud. So I can save everything online now as I file the FOIA stuff and the responses. And make them public from there. I can see why they recommended that site 🙂

My overall goal is to be the #1 local site to not only bring people information as to what is going on. But to also do it as in depth as possible and accurately as possible.  The FOIA stuff, is the best way to do that.  Yes, it may not be done in a timely manner, because FOIA stuff takes some time. But it will be the most accurate information.

But in order for them to start approving my FOIA requests, I have to keep learning and figure out how to get this FOIA officer to approve my requests. I do not want to go down the appeal way. Although I have several times now. I would rather have a good open line of communication with the FOIA officer. Instead of having to bring in a 3rd party to do an investigation on the FOIA appeals.  I know many lawyers have wanted to help me with the denials. I just don’t want to do the whole court thing, if it isn’t necessary. It is better to have open lines of communication…

I know many lawyers have wanted to bring my FOIA denials to court. Because they said they know they could win the appeals and were strongly confident in doing so.  I haven’t chosen that road yet.  I rather play this game of chess and learn along the way. And keep gathering stuff to research as to what they approved, what they denied, who did what, when, where, etc…

See, we live in a life of patterns and routines.  Many do not realize this, nor do they care.  But the reality is, if you can find the pattern to something, you can find the resolute.

You have to look at all the details in the situation.  Small details as in what day did they respond? What time did they respond? What was the response? How was the response? Who did the response? What agency did the response? What was the denial for? What information did they provide in the response? I mean the equations can go on and on. That is just a few questions of many that you have to start looking at the pattern for.  Once you establish a baseline then you start to fine tune things.

If you incorporate this into your life and start looking at patterns, you will become a very knowledgeable individual. The little things are what makes the overall picture. “It is not just 1 megapixel that forms a photograph, but millions of megapixels to form the beauty of 1 photograph.” ~ Rickie Traeger

So I am hoping to step up my game and having them approve some FOIA requests in the future to help bring accurate information to the public.  Keep your fingers crossed…

Rickie Traeger: Do Landowners Have To Disclose To New Homeowners if Someone Passed Away On Their Land?

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I want to first wish my grandma a Happy 84th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandma!

I know that some stuff I post, some do not agree with my opinions. That is fine, because at times I do not agree with other peoples as well. That is life…   However, if you disagree with my opinions and posts, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to learn new things and have an open mind about things. Yes, I may have formed my own opinion on things, but that doesn’t mean that I am not open to hearing others opinions as well.

So you are probably asking yourself, why did I mention that. Well what I am about to write below, is very controversial with some people. Especially to those who do not have an open mind…  Ghosts!

Yup, you would think living in 2020 a lot of people would have open minds. But in reality, many have their own opinions and don’t have an open mind or want to hear other peoples opinions. Sad but true.

So here it goes, short and simple.

I have been doing Rockford Scanner for well over a decade now.  I have worked numerous scenes.  Sadly, some of those have been fatal scenes. I do not like working those types of scenes at all.  Very sad scenes.  I can recall almost every fatal scene I have worked over the years.  And as I go about doing my daily life, I pass by the locations of some scenes I have worked over the years.  And I can’t help but think of the scene, as I pass by the locations.  I see locations that have developed over the years, with new houses and other buildings that were built on the same land that a person passed away on. But that brings me to the main part of this post.

When you buy a house, they are supposed to tell the potential new owners if someone has passed away in the home.  I think that is a good thing. But come to find out many realtors do not do that. They said they don’t want to lose a potential buyer. It is crazy, but that is besides the point.  My point of this post is…

Some scenes I have worked that were fatal, were not inside residences at all.   Over the years the land develops and homes are built on the land that someone has passed away on.  New houses that are being built on land, on the very spot the person has passed away at.

Do the land owners, or the people selling the homes have to tell these new home owners that a person passed away on that land, the very spot their house sits on?   Or do they not have to tell the new home owners?

Because what if a new home owner bought a house and begin to experience paranormal activity.  And they know the house is new, so they can not research the house to see if anyone passed away in it, to explain the possible paranormal activity that is going on.  So what options do these new homeowners have, when they want to research and try to see what is causing the paranormal activity?  Realtors are “supposed” to tell the new homeowners.  But what if it is a new house, are they supposed to tell the new homeowners someone passed away on the land?

I like to hear everyones opinion on this topic.   I know some do not agree with the paranormal topic. And I respect that. But I ask that you have an open mind and listen to others opinions and questions on the topic.