Rickie Traeger: Happy Wednesday Morning

By the time this is posted, it will be Wednesday morning.  So I want to wish everyone a happy Wednesday morning! 

I am watching the new Pet Semetary movie. Pretty good so far.  And I can’t wait for the new season of Project Blue Book to come out in 2 weeks!

Iran has decided to shoot ballistic missiles at the US troops.  SMFH…    I hope all our troops are safe!   I say let’s go kick Iran’s butt now. I hate war, but certain situations calls for certain actions. And when they are terrorists, and kill Americans and fire ballistic missiles at the US troops. I say this situation calls for action.  Again, I hate war. But we can’t have these terrorists threaten and kill American people, without consequences.  So I hope the USA takes actions against them.


Winter has been pretty decent overall this season.  But now that is coming to an end. Winter is coming upon us soon.  I definitely can’t complain, been one the best winters in a long time. But I have a feeling I am about to say the opposite soon, lol.   The good thing is, March is getting closer and that means warmer temps!




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