Rickie Traeger: That Journey We All Take…



So for the last few hours I have been going through many photos I have taken over the years.  Seeing how I progressed as a photographer and the equipment over the years.  As I was looking at the photos, it reminded me of how easily we take life for granted.  We don’t think much of it, until something happens.  Or in this case, looking through photos. I took a photo of a deer a few years back around this time of the year out at the park, along with a coyote. And as I look at these photos, it reminded me of life in general. Looking at how skinny and frail the coyote and deer were, and how they actively were seeking food in the presence of a human being says a lot. To me it says that they were hungry and desperate.  And that they are willing to risk their life, to get something they want.


But what I am getting at is this: As I scroll the the photos I have taken over the years. In life there is beauty, in life there is ugliness.  We all see beauties, we all see the dour. We wake up each day not thinking it might be our conclusion.   We think of modern, to forget some of the latter, and to conceive the future.

During the journey we see as life. We experience both good and bad and some that are just to tragic to fathom. We have our highs and our lows.

We capture these moments on camera these days, so we can reflect back to what our highs and lows have been. And to show others our memories.

As a photographer, I have photographed almost anything you can think of.  Doing photography as a hobby and as a career.  I have saw the beauty, I have saw the tragedy.

And I know one thing, I am one lucky man to have been down the journey I have been given. To see the beauty, to see the dour.

And to understand that I am lucky  to cherish every moment of this journey, I have while I take this ride.

And to know that one day, we will all have our last ride.

Below is a photo that someone took of me kissing my dad for the last time and telling him goodnight as he was on his last ride.  🙁



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