Chicago-Rockford International Airport Plane Spotting

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Welcome to the Rockford Airport (KRFD)  Plane Spotting Page.  This page will be very informative to everyone who is interested in plane spotting at the Rockford Airport.  Please take a few minutes and scroll down below.

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Rockford Approach/Departure (East) 121.000
Rockford Approach/Departure (West) 126.000
Rockford Ground 121.900
Rockford Tower 118.100

Live airport traffic at the Rockford Airport (Delayed by 6 minutes) at

Josh Duggar and family N15TC at the Rockford Airport

Rockford Airport has become very active over the last few years.  It added the AAR, new passenger terminal, Amazon Prime uses the International cargo terminal, and the airport hosts a variety of aircraft from military, celebrities, diversions, plus all that is a regular flights in and out of the airport such as UPS, ATI, Kaney Aerospace, Code 1 Aviation, plus much more! So there is plenty to see while plane spotting!

Before we go any further I want to make sure everyone knows the rules.

Do not go on the airport property!   Do not sit directly under the runway.  Do not interfere with the planes or airport staff.  Turn your lights completely OFF, if you are planespotting at night. Park safely in designated areas. If you get out of your vehicle, stay very close to it. No laser pointers. No pets.  Bring ear plugs because the planes are loud. Use common sense. Obey all rules and laws.

Chicago Bulls & Colorado Rockies airplane
Boeing 787 landing at Rockford for the 1st time


The best and safest place to view the airplanes at the Rockford Airport is along Runway 25. That is on the East end of the airport on Falcon rd.  They have a parking area (see photo below) it is just north of the Rockford Airport tower.  From this location you are off the roadway and in a parking area. And it has a good view of the airport and an excellent spot to watch the planes take off and arrive on Runway 25.
This should be your spot to go to, if you go plane spotting.  

Runway 1

This is another spot to view from. It is on the southside of the airport. The one thing here is the lack of parking to plane spot from. With the recent changes at the airport and expansions, the old spots to park at are now gone.  But there are a few spots to park at. This is an excellent spot to watch the Runway 1 arrivals and takeoffs from.  It does have its limitations though. You are able to see the AAR and Runway 1. Everything else you can not see.

Runway 7

Runway 7 is the most popular arrival runway.  Many aircraft use runway 7.  This is located along the south west side of the airport.  There is only really one spot here that is safe to park at.  So be very careful if you spot from this location. You can watch the planes come in on the ILS arrivals. Once the planes go over your head, you quickly lose sight of them. There is a large hill on the airport property which is a part of the runway. You will get an awesome view of them arriving, but you can not see them land.

Runway 19 

Runway 19 is the worst place to spot from.  It is on the north end of the airport. They reconstructed the area and now there is a round-a-bout where you used to be able to spot from. I don’t know of any good spots for runway 19.  If you happen to know of some,  let me know!

Here are some photos I have taken over the years. 

Radar tower site
Air Horse One arriving on runway 25

Allegiant taking off on runway 25
Two Antonov 124 at the Rockford Airport

Guess what that is? 😉 Yup a C-17