hump day

Rickie Traeger: Happy Hump Day, Chess, Etc…

Happy Hump Day!  

I missed the Curse of Oak Island tonight and Kings Of Pain.  I will have to try catching up on them later on today.   No spoil-ers please, LOL.

I am in the mood to play some chess.  I think after I finish this up, I am going to go play some chessmaster. I used to be very good at chess, but as I grew older and didn’t play as often I lost my skill, lol.  I like to play on hard levels, so I can try to up my game some, but I still get my butt kicked alot in it. Damn you AI, LOL.

I am sitting here and chilling to the band Ice Nine Kills.  Pretty good band. I like them a lot.  If you have not heard them, go on youtube and check them out.

While I am chilling to the music and typing this, I am also thinking how grateful and thankful I am to know some people. I know as we get older and we don’t see or talk much these days. I will be forever grateful and very thankful to know you.  Many great memories that I will cherish forever 🙂

I am letting my beard grow out. I shaved the goatee awhile back and figured I would let the beard all grow in evenly.  I don’t recall the last time I had a beard, lol.   Well it won’t be long now.  I am thinking about letting my hair grow out too. I have kept it short for a very long time.  So time to change it up some, lol

Time to pop off here and go shower and then play some chess.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy hump-day.