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Rickie Traeger: 520, Mortal Kombat & Payday 2, Charleston Chew!

Good evening everyone! 

Hope everyone had a warm and safe weekend!

I got some Christmas shopping done over the weekend. And kicked back to relax for the most part.  I been playing Payday 2 and Mortal Kombat XL over the weekend.  I so am not good at Mortal Kombat, LOL.   Got beaten many times. I thought I was good, guess I was wrong, lol.   I used to be very good at it on the snes. Darn good at it.  Not these days i guess, LOL.

I talked on the radio awhile on Saturday. Was able to talk to some on the 520.  It is usually hit or miss with that freq.  On the weekends, it is better to make contacts on there than on the weekday. I think cuz many more people are near the radio on the weekends.  I was able to rx pretty far though, I think the band might have been open some 🙂

My wife bought me a charelston chew candybar 🙂    I have been looking all over for one, for awhile now and no one sells them anymore. Or at least every place I have been to, to buy one. And I have been to many places, lol.  They sell the boxed small chews, and not the actual candy bars. But somehow she found me one! 🙂

I am going to pop off here and work on the website some. I am trying to learn a few things, reading up on the documentations of some stuff. Before I actually make some changes. I used to never look at instructions or the documentation stuff. But as I get older, I am doing it more and more. And kinda kicking myself in the rear for not doing so earlier, lol. You learn a ton from it 🙂


Rickie Traeger: Payday 2, Happy Weekend!

Good morning everyone! 

I was trying hard to make the Friday blog, but I barely missed it lol.

By the time I was able to sit down to write a quick blog, it had past midnight. Grrr, LOL.

So I will do a combination of a Friday and Saturday blog, LOL.

I have been doing some RS stuff behind the scenes. So I didn’t get a chance to blog.  And to be fair I can’t blame it all on that.  I bought Payday 2 Crimewave edition for only $3!   So, I been playing that awhile as well.  I used to play Payday back in the day.  So when I saw 2 and for only $3, heck yeah I am going to buy it 🙂   Speaking of, after I get done writing this, I am going to go play it some more, lol. Pretty good game with a lot of customization’s to it.  I should post a link of some youtube videos to this game.

I hope everyone will have a safe and good weekend.  I am going to pop off and play some video games.

I found this one on a brief search real quick.  I have not had the chance to watch it yet.