R.I.P. W9GD, Nascar, Stars & Universe, Todays Generalized Blog

I am using this voice to text Dragon software so I apologize ahead of time if there are any errors below. I purchased this Dragon software so I can just talk and do my blogs while I multitask and do … Continue reading

Two More States Checked Off For My Work All States Award On Ham Radio!

    Not too much going on here. I been playing on HF radio a bit. Checked into the OMISS net and made my Alaska/North Pole contact (WL7X) I been needing for my Work All States award! ¬†I thought for … Continue reading

My Ham Radio Contacts For Saturday And Winter Field Day

I played a bit up on HF radio Saturday. ¬†Band conditions been poor lately, so its been like a month since I made my last contact. ¬†Saturday I made a few contacts. ¬†The first one was a National Parks On … Continue reading

Skywarn Recognition Day, Ham Radio, And First Snowfall!

  I was hoping to work a few Skywarn stations on the ham radio. ¬†But the conditions just were not in my favor. ¬†A lot of noise. ¬†I was not even able to work not even one Skywarn station. ¬†Oh … Continue reading

Quick blog For October 14th 2016

      Kicking back for a few and thought I would toss out another blog. I just found out a friend I grew up with passed away last night. ¬†May you R.I.P.¬†Angela Mausehund. ¬† You are definitely a great … Continue reading

Taking a break to blog for a minute

I installed google earth. ¬†I seen many things online about it and looked pretty cool. ¬†So I been playing around with it. Their server to update images are sloooooooow. ¬†But still fun to play with. Google on the web is … Continue reading