Ham Radio


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Ham Radio

As many of you know I am a Ham Radio Operator.   My callsign is WX9RLT.

You can usually catch me on the 147.195 or the 146.610 repeaters or the 146.520 or 147.510 simplex frequencies. I am on more, but those are the 4 I frequent mostly. I also do APRS, so be sure to check me out there as well.

I am a part of the following: SKYWARN, ARES, RARA.

Skywarn:  I am a trained storm spotter and chaser. I have been for numerous years. Actually SKYWARN was what got me interested into the Ham Radio hobby.  So it kinda fell into place.  W9STR has started a new Skywarn group here in Winnebago County, then he moved and now William KC9SQR runs it.

I am also a net control operator for Skywarn on 147.195  (+0.6 MHz PL 114.8) when severe weather hits our area. So be sure to check in (Or listen)  🙂

ARES:  Marianne (KT9KS) became the coordinator for our area for ARES and I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of it.  She has done a wonderful job with ARES and I am proud of her and the group.  Be sure to click the link to read more about it.  I enjoy helping out others as much as I can and ARES is a good way to do that with Ham Radio.  I have also learned a lot from ARES in disaster preparedness, emergency communications,  what to do in case of an emergency, how to help others out in an emergency situation, plus much more! (Update: She stepped away and Bill runs it now) The net is on 147.195 on Thursday nights at 7 pm!

I enjoy working field day, events, etc… with the ARES team. Great group of people that is well coordinated and down to earth.

RARA:  I joined RARA pretty much from the day I started ham radio.  RARA is the local ham radio club here in Rockford.  I took my license test and they gave me a free year membership. And have been with them ever since.  I used to be net control operator with RARA, but they made some changes and now Jimmy (KC9GCR) is the only net control operator now.  Their net is on 146.610 on Monday nights at 8 pm.

You can get your ham radio license to!  It is very simple  actually. Kids literally pass the test.  Information on getting your ham radio license, check out the information on the RARA website at http://www.w9axd.org/exams.html

I do HF but with the conditions as poor as they have been, I am not on there much these days. I am a part of the YL System (#17123) and OMISS (#10766)

I love, I repeat LOVE trading QSL  cards and working special event stations!

100% Response with SASE
Please confirm our contact in the QRZ Log

My first special event station was a memorable one indeed! It was my 1st special event station and it was an airshow! And it was on Halloween!

If you hear me calling CQ, Please Spot Me!

My shack: Yaesu 450D with an inverted V at approx 30-35 feet.
I run usually 100 watts.

As they say “100 watts and a wire”

I have good TX but not so good RX due to the local environment.

FTM-400 is my main rig with a Tram-1480 antenna about 20 feet in the air.  That’s what you usually hear me on. It is my baby!

I am trying to do CW and digital modes. But I am new to it. I think it will be fun to try out and make new contacts that way. I use the Ham Radio Deluxe software to do my CW and other modes. I prefer CW right now.

Good friend of mine Jeff (N9IMI)  passed away on July 9th 2017
Rest In Peace Jeff  (N9IMI)  crying

I spent many hours every night talking to Jeff on the airwaves.

He will be deeply missed!

The Radio Amateur’s Code

The Radio Amateur is

CONSIDERATE…He/[She] never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL…He/[She] offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, the IARU Radio Society in his/[her] country, through which Amateur Radio in his/[her] country is represented nationally and internationally.

PROGRESSIVE…He/[She] keeps his/[her] station up to date. It is well-built and efficient. His/[Her] operating practice is above reproach.

FRIENDLY…He/[She] operates slowly and patiently when requested; offers friendly advice and counsel to beginners; kind assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the marks of the amateur spirit.

BALANCED…Radio is a hobby, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

PATRIOTIC…His/[Her] station and skills are always ready for service to country and community.

– adapted from the original Amateur’s Code, written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Shout out to K4JSG , for making me my QSL cards!  Visit his website, to buy your QSL cards.