Welcome to my Storm Chasing & SKYWARN Page. 

I been into storms pretty much ever since I can remember.  I have seen several tornadoes over the years.  I storm chase and storm spot.  Yes, there is a difference.  Storm chasing, is when I go chasing a storm.  Storm spotting, is when I stay local and help spotting locally for Northern Illinois SKYWARN.

I enjoy weather because Mother Nature is beautiful one moment and can be down right vicious the next.  The sheer beauty of Mother Nature is what captivates me.  I also try to help as much as I can in studying, forecasting, radar analysis, damage analysis, chasing, relaying reports, chasing/spotting storms, and also being net control for the local SKYWARN.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Illinois Skywarn,  let me know.

Below you will find some useful information to get you started. 

I use the following radar equipment:

Our local SKYWARN repeater is 147.195 with a plus offset and a PL of 114.8
Note: You must have a ham radio license to use this. But you can listen to this frequency on your scanner or radios, without having a ham radio licence.

The local ARES and SKYWARN nets are held on Thursdays on this repeater.

ARES at 7 PM and SKYWARN at 8 PM.

SKYWARN is activated when there is a weather watch/warning that is activated by the National Weather Service.   Bill (K9OJP) or Joe (K9JPP) or William (KC9SQR) or myself WX9RLT as net control operators.

More To Come!