Rickie Traeger: Happy Sunday! Just Saying Hi

I was trying to get this posted before midnight, so it would be a Saturday blog. I am late, lol. So it is now Sunday, so Happy Sunday!  

Hopefully everyone is having a fun and safe weekend.  Mine is going good.  All except the snowblower decided not to start. So I had to shovel all that wet and heavy snow by hand. Free exercise I guess, lol.  This is by far one of the better winters I can recall, so a lil shoveling I don’t mind. 

I listen to spotify alot, but lately they been doing a ton of ads on there. It would freeze up and not play at all. So, I decided to go back to the Amazon Prime music.  Looks like Amazon upgraded their music stuff. So I guess I am done with spotify for awhile, and back to Amazon music 🙂 

Got our press credentials to work another worldwide event that is coming up. 
I won’t say much right now. But everything is set in stone now 🙂  Stay tuned! 

So I haven’t played my guitar in awhile.  I think after I write this up, I am going to play it. I am sure I will be rusty, lol.  As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it lol.  We will see if I still have my guitar skillz.  LOL.   

Speaking of, i am going to pop off here.  I just wanted to say hi to everyone 🙂 



Watch Over You


Rickie Traeger: Celine Dion

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂 

This is going to be a quick post.  Not many people know I like Celine Dion.

I was browsing Youtube and came across this.

Kick back and enjoy



Rickie Traeger: Happy Hump Day, Chess, Etc…

Happy Hump Day!  

I missed the Curse of Oak Island tonight and Kings Of Pain.  I will have to try catching up on them later on today.   No spoil-ers please, LOL.

I am in the mood to play some chess.  I think after I finish this up, I am going to go play some chessmaster. I used to be very good at chess, but as I grew older and didn’t play as often I lost my skill, lol.  I like to play on hard levels, so I can try to up my game some, but I still get my butt kicked alot in it. Damn you AI, LOL.

I am sitting here and chilling to the band Ice Nine Kills.  Pretty good band. I like them a lot.  If you have not heard them, go on youtube and check them out.

While I am chilling to the music and typing this, I am also thinking how grateful and thankful I am to know some people. I know as we get older and we don’t see or talk much these days. I will be forever grateful and very thankful to know you.  Many great memories that I will cherish forever 🙂

I am letting my beard grow out. I shaved the goatee awhile back and figured I would let the beard all grow in evenly.  I don’t recall the last time I had a beard, lol.   Well it won’t be long now.  I am thinking about letting my hair grow out too. I have kept it short for a very long time.  So time to change it up some, lol

Time to pop off here and go shower and then play some chess.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy hump-day.


Rickie Traeger: Happy Wet Tuesday Blog

I hope everyone is staying dry. It is a wet Tuesday out there.

I been wanting to re-watch Project Blue Book, but they are making you pay for it online to watch it, grrrr.

I been playing with the sdr dongle, listening to the local radio on it.  The antenna that came with it, sucks. So I am going to buy an antenna adapter for it. I want to be able to listen to the aircraft with it.

Not to much to add to todays blog, other than I am hoping to work on some websites later tonight.

Everyone please be safe.

Rickie Traeger: Happy Wednesday, Meg Myers

Happy Hump Day! 

I don’t have much to add today.  Just working on the websites today and catching up on stuff.   I wish I had something to add today, LOL.  So I might just post one of my favorite songs right now below. It is by Meg Myers.   This woman can sing!   Some do not agree with me, lol.   But hey to each is his own! I enjoy her music alot, very talented artist.  Be sure to check out a few of the videos I posted below from her, that is on Youtube.


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