Rickie Traeger Official Website

Welcome To My Personal Website My site is just that, my personal space. You will get to know me and read my blogs. I am a very open person that doesn’t hold back. I am a firm believer and using … Continue reading

Hattiesburg MS Tornado, RIP Grandpa Slatton

I am sitting here watching the radar down in Mississippi. They had a strong tornado (on radar with a large debris signature)  go through the area of Hattiesburg and Petal Mississippi.  They definitely have a lot of damage. It happened … Continue reading

MLK Day, Grandma Sick, Football Game & Tornado, Nascar

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! That man was great on so many levels. It is a tragedy he is gone, but he will never be forgotten. RIP DR Martin Luther King Jr.. Your dreams are coming true in others! … Continue reading

My Political Post, Probably Make Many Mad LOL

I normally do not post my political beliefs. This year, has really shown the public why.  I have saw life long friends split up, families separated, etc… because of their political beliefs.  It is truly sad to see.  But I … Continue reading

October 2nd 2016 Blog

Click the play button above.   I love this song!!! I am trying to learn how to make my website play some music while you browse the site.  I know how to add it, as you see above.  But when … Continue reading

Virgin Atlantic G-VAHH Emergency Landing

  UPDATE: They declared the emergency due to a sick passenger.  They are continuing their flight to London. Around 6:15 am CDT this morning they started their decent into London Virgin Atlantic VIR24m ( G-VAHH ) has squawk code 7700 … Continue reading

Thought I would do a quick blog. Sitting here waiting for the warm temps to come back.  We had warm temps the other day, then now it was lows in single digits. They called for 6 inches of snow, and … Continue reading

Bout to game

    I am bout to play Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic.   Man it has been a looooong time since I last played this game. I spent many many hours on this game back in the day. … Continue reading

Dick Gregory on Malcolm X’s assassination ~ “One who has a voice and speaks the truth becomes a target of many. And it is sad to see, but it is the true reality. “

Dick Gregory on Malcolm X’s assassination Must Watch, Very Powerful and TRUE! “One who has a voice and speaks the truth becomes a target of many.  And it is sad to see, but it is the true reality. ”  … Continue reading