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My site is just that, my personal space. You will get to know me and read my blogs. I am a very open person that doesn’t hold back. I am a firm believer and using my first amendment of freedom of speech. What I post on my website, does not reflect back on Rockford Scanner, Trigger Photography or anything else I do. It is my personal space to post how I feel and express my personal feelings. 



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I been out fishing the last week or so. I been out enjoying the nice weather!  I have gotten a few bites, but I have yet to catch a fish. Just a matter of time before I do.  Wish me some luck on catching a fish! I catch and release, that way others can enjoy the sport as well. Nothing like kicking back and going fishing! :)


R.I.P. Grandpa. Miss ya lots! Love ya. Was thinking about you and want to make a post on here. Heres the song they played at your funeral.





I am sitting here typing this and listening to it thunderstorm outside.  God how much I missed the sound of thunder!!!  I went outside briefly, and the sweet smell of fresh rain.  Now that my friend is LOVE :)  Thunderstorm and fresh smell of rain.

Not to much has been going on with me.  Been focusing a lot of my attention of behind the scene stuff for R.S. and  always making bigger plans for the future :)

I went to do a story about two weeks ago and while I was doing the story I came across a man who was homeless. I gave him everything I had in my pocket. I had about an hour long conversation with the man. And got to know him pretty well. He showed me where he was staying at. My heart sank.  I brought the man to a local hotel and paid for him a room for 2 nights.  This man broke down and cried and couldn’t thank me enough.  I was happy to help and meet a new friend :)

Situations like that, get me thinking of life. Life in general. How crazy and fucked up our world really is.  Here he is with a damn good job and then it gets outsourced to a foreign country. And now he lost his job, and was forced into that situation. It got me thinking of how you or I could easily be in that same boat.  One day living life, the next day trying to survive.

Yes, I did my research on the man and he was legit.  And I talked to the supervisor at his job and he said there are three others that were in the same boat!!!  

How can our economy survive when we send our jobs to other countries? The green dollar makes me sick. It changes a persons mentality. They don’t care for the fellow human being, but for themselves.  The world would have been a much better place if money was never created. But it has, and now you can see what it has done to the world.  It diverse’s the fellow human beings between good hearted souls & monsters.  

Do Aliens Really Exist? My Thoughts…

Lately I been watching a lot of shows on the phenomenon of UFO’s and reading a lot of stuff online. It got me thinking about a lot of things. So I figured I would blog a lil bit about my thoughts on UFO’s. I will be brief but to the point, LOL

The first thing that I think about is, do they really exist? Well it is only logical that if we exist, then there is a strong possibility there are other living things out there as well.

Conventional methods and ideas of searching for extraterrestrial life are searching for places that have similar environments like here on Earth. Their theory is that aliens will have to similar conditions like ours, to live in.

My theory and belief is, who says aliens have to have an environment like ours to life in? I believe that aliens might live in a complete different environment from us. Maybe they can live on a planet that has no oxygen or water and in extreme environments.  Maybe we been searching in the wrong places all this time.

There was a show I watched that talked about a guy named Phil Schneider. And I thought that was pretty interesting on what he had to say. I even watched his videos on youtube. They were pretty interesting to say the least. But very knowledgeable. And it got me thinking as well.

He says that aliens live below the Earth surface. And he even had a battle with them several years ago and was injured. He had scars to show his evidence. But what I am getting at is, maybe that it is plausible that aliens live below and not up. Maybe we should be looking down and not up into the sky.

Our technology levels have advanced so much in the last hundred years, that I am blessed to be alive during this time. And get to watch our great nation expand with great technology and have the experience of seeing it. What some are saying is that we got this technology from aliens.  My thoughts are, it is plausible.  But a more realistic explanation is, we as human beings are very smart creatures. We have such great minds and creativity, I think we as humans created our technology. But it is possible that maybe we traded for or reversed engineered some technology from aliens. 

Maybe our government is putting the alien theories into our heads, so they can coverup for some projects or technology. Maybe the government is putting more stuff in the mainstream on UFO’s so they can avoid a mass panic if the aliens reveal themselves.  We will never know…

Overall, I think it is logical that since we exist here and there is a space with infinity area and planets and stars and moons. That it is possible and logical, that we are not alone.   



I have cut out the Mt Dew in my life, talk about a hard decision to make. I have been craving it like crazy! I haven’t had a MtDew in like 2 weeks now!!! I substituted it with tea. So I am drinking sweet tea like crazy now. There is one bottle of Mt Dew in my fridge, so I know that I can avoid temptation in drinking it.

The warmer weather has arrived! Now hopefully so does the storms! Last year there wasnt many storms here, so hopefully this year we will have alot. I am looking forward to some storm spotting :) Been awhile!

My Thoughts On Flight MH370


As many of you know, I am a huge aviation fan. I been following the flight MH370 closely. Wondering, like many others, how does a Boeing 777 just disappear?

This is one of the safest planes in service. That is the most perplexing thing about this. A plane that safe, that high, and then just disappears. 

 My wifes cousin flies the Boeing 777 and he was telling me just how hi-tech the plane really is. And I was amazed and at awe, just how hi-tech and safe that plane is.  If I had to fly in any plane right now, I would no doubt choose the 777.  

So, I been watching the massive search for the plane on TV and reading it online. And have been seeing all the reports of stuff possibly being found. The oil slick turned out to be ship fuel. The debris was not confirmed from the plane. And what about those people who used stolen passports?  This is definitely a mystery indeed.

How can this plane just disappear?  Isn’t there some type of radar that shows its last moments? Even it would show “debris” in the air if it happened to disintegrate in the air. If they turned off all the communications, the radar still can pick it up. So why haven’t they talked about radar signatures and go by those? That would tell you a lot, going by those.

Yes, I understand the ocean is huge and it is hard to search for something in an ocean. But the radar signatures would give ya a general area to search. And I heard they were able to detect the ELT, but I haven’t heard anything else on that recently.

So why don’t they focus on that area where the ELT was located at?

I heard they are only doing a visual search. I do not know how true that is. But I think it would make more sense if they also do a sonar or underwater search.

What is the most complexing thing is, there is no debris.  If it crashed, there has to be some type of debris somewhere.

This is by far, the most interesting situation I have heard for a missing aircraft that I have heard. I can not recall any other time a plane of this caliber, going missing without any trace of it.

Conspiracy theorists are going crazy online. I am always open to ideas, but some of those I have read are really out there. But I guess anything is possible.

I am hoping for the best for the plane and passengers. But it has been a few days now without a trace. Those affected by this are in my thoughts and prayers.