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Welcome to my personal website. Please take a few minutes and kick back and enjoy. This is my personal website where I express my 1st amendment and share photos and videos and opinions and experiences. I will say that you must be 18 years old or older to view this, because at times there might be some adult content such as language. Take a few minutes and explore the pages on here, you can view them at the top or on the right. And you can view my most recent blog posts by scrolling down!

NEW:  As you know, I been saying it for awhile now. Well now the time has come! I have redone my website from scratch. I figured it be best to start over from scratch so I can do everything the way I want it. Yes, all the posts from many years are now gone. But hey, everything happens for a reason.  So, I am in the process of redoing my site here. Be sure to bookmark this, and check back daily!  I am going to blog daily.

Rickie Traeger: Very Last Episode Of Supernatural, One Hell Of A Tearjerker

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As many of you know I have been a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural. 

Well they just had their very last episode of the series 🙁

Talk about a tearjerker episode!   I cried 2 different times ;(

I won’t say why, because I don’t want to ruin the show for others.

But that was a good episode!  And it made me cry…

Rickie Traeger: Misc Blog For Today

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Hoping everyone is having a good week.   Hard to believe it is mid November already.  Hopefully winter will fly by as fast as summer did, lol. Not looking forward to the cold. But hey, what are you going to do when you live in the Midwest, lol.  Just roll with it and hope for a warm winter, lol.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It will be interesting for the holidays, due to what the entire world is dealing with, covid.   

Speaking of Covid,  it is crazy to see how the world is divided by their opinions on Covid.  Some don’t believe in it. Many are dying from it.  And many are not protecting themselves.  I wear a mask or something over my face, as much as I can these days. No way in heck, do I want to come down with it.  So we been taking precautions.  I know a few people who have passed away from covid. So my opinion, I know it is real and I take as much precautions as possible.  Some may not agree, like I said some don’t even believe in it at all.  I know many are tired of taking precautions. Some are reckless and just don’t care if they catch it or spread it.  Again, I take as much precautions as possible these days.  Our positivity rates are over 20%!  Think about that for a second…     Now many are getting it, some are dying.  But the last I saw for the recovery rate is around 97%.  So that is a pretty good number, for recovery rates. Considering what they told us several months back.  It is a sad and scary situation overall.  Hopefully everyone takes precautions and stays safe.

God bless

Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.

Rickie Traeger: Good morning Monday

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Hopefully everyone is doing well and have been out enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having!  Hard to believe it is November already and these warm temps. I hope this is what the whole winter will be like. But something tells me different, lol. 

So I was just browsing online and saw that the Black Friday stuff is different this year because of Covid.  The stores are having deals all month long, instead of people standing in long lines and the chance of possibly spreading covid.  Which I kinda like to see, the deals all month long.  I see a few advantages of it. 

#1 Don’t spread covid. 

#2 Excellent marketing. Drives people to the website often, looking for the new deals.

#3 Safer.

#4 Deals all month instead of standing in long lines dealing with cranky people.

#5 Some new and different and I like the idea! 


Rickie Traeger: 2 Months Of Music Scheduled…

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Was scheduling some songs on RS and came across many songs I used to listen too. So yes, there is going to be a lot of songs that I like, posted for the next 2 months, lol. I spent the last few hours, scheduling the next 2 months of music. It will give people a chance to listen to new things they probably wont normally listen to.

I added local artists, Nelly, Johnny Cash, Drake, Madonna, Pop Evil, My Darkest Days, etc…

Added some bands that have played locally over the years. Some of my favorites over the years.  I haven’t had many people send in requests the last few weeks. So it left it open to what I choose I guess. So I choose a lot of stuff I used to listen too. I know many people will hear the songs and remember them 🙂  As they say “Oldies but goodies” Then again what I like, someone else may hate, lol.  It will give them a chance to listen to the songs and make an opinion for themselves.

Here are two of the songs 🙂

Rickie Traeger: Misc Blog

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Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful week. 

I was hoping for the 70 temps the other day, but when it finally came it was like around midnight.  Yup, colder during the day, than it was at night time. That don’t happen much. But it did. And I wasn’t able to get out to enjoy the warm sun, like I was hoping for.  And I forgot to add, it snowed the other day too…

Going to be sad when the tv show Supernatural ends soon 🙁  I am a huge fan of the show. And knowing it is almost about to end, sucks. But I understand, that all good things must come to an end at some time.  But noooooo, not Supernatural!

I love this time of the year.  Horror movies are on tv!  A lot of them 🙂   They have been playing the Halloween movies alot recently.  I kinda wished they would play some of the older stuff. Yes, Halloween is older but I mean other movies around that time frame.  They did have a Stephen King marathon, and I was able to watch Creepshow 🙂

Rickie Traeger: Thursday Metal Detecting Finds

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Updated: Added some videos from the Gopro from today’s’ metal detecting hunt.

As you know I am new to the metal detecting hobby. It has been a long time since I did it.  Recently I got a metal detector and went and got my permit out at the park.  So I have been researching places to metal detect and metal detecting some. 

I am getting to know my metal detector and learning to dig holes the right way.   I still have a lot to learn. And would love to hear from other metal detecting hobbyist.

Recently I was able to get a map of some locations of interest.

I went out scouting places on Tuesday. The one place looked like a good place to metal detect. Or so I thought…..   It looks like there might be a lot of stuff in that area.  So I decided to go there today and metal detect.

I went out there today and got a hit on the metal detector. And went to dig in the ground. OMG, that was the worst ground to dig in! I tried to dig the hole for the metal detector hit, but I couldn’t.  So I left that area. Sucks, because it looked like a promising place to metal detect too!

I went back to an area I have metal detecting recently. It wasn’t to far from that location.   I still have a lot of area to still cover there. So I  went there today to cover some more of the area.  I got approx. 10 metal detector hits, that I dug holes for.

I tried to do some go pro footage of the metal detecting hunt, but I have not checked to see how the videos turned out. I will check and see if the videos turned out, if they did I will uplaod em to youtube and shar eon here.  Update: Uploaded the videos to this article 🙂

I bet many of you can guess what I found!   Yup, ……………………….. Trash, LOL.

A lot of pull tabs and bottle caps.  I did find a few things though, that normally I would think of as trash, but since I was metal detecting they are kinda cool, lol.

  • 1973 Lincoln Penny
  • Nail, or at least I think it is a nail, LOL
  • Several pull tabs and 1 or a few bottle caps. I don’t keep track of these…
  • Some kind of wire with loop holes on the ends.
  • Long piece of iron. Least I think it is Iron. Unknown what it is for.
  • Some kind of metal, that has a loop at the end. Reminds me of a dog post for the yard.


I got tore up by thorns. I ruined my pants.  So, I have to find a plan of action on how to metal detect and not get tore up by thorns. Anyone have any ideas?   The obvious, is to not metal detect in that area, lol.  But I read you have to go places that people don’t visit much, because other metal detector hobbyist may have already got to an area. So I found this spot, and I think it has a lot of potential. But holy cow!  Thorns and those pesky things that stick to your clothes! I dunno what they are called, lol.

I like metal detecting, it is good exercise.

But I just started so I have a ton to learn still. And A LOT to find in the ground!

Rickie Traeger: I was stalked by a guy in the woods!

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I was stalked by a guy in the woods! 

Tuesday I went out to the park to scout out some places to metal detect in the future.  I got a few tips on areas of the park to check out to metal detect. I began my journey walking down the bike path. As I walked the bike path I came across 2 CPO’s Officer Lehannah and Officer Alvarez that were in an off road vehicle on the path. I asked them where a few of the places were that I was interested in metal detecting. They were nice and told me the general area of the place i wanted to metal detect.

No, I am not going to disclose my future areas that I plan to metal detect, lol.

I explored 1 area and went to another to get GPS coordinates of the places I want to metal detect in the future. I also filmed the location, so I could research the place a bit, before I metal detect it. After I explored the 1 area and went to another area,  I figured I would go to the stone hut in Willow Creek. I arrived at the stone hut approx. 12:45 pm. I filmed a colorful bird inside the stone hut. No idea what it was, but it had some beautiful colors to it.

As I filmed the bird, I heard some leaves rustling nearby. That was when the first time I noticed a man that was hiding behind a tree and watching me!   This man ended up stalking me for a bit in the woods!  The man is described as a Hispanic male, mid 30’s, avg build, wearing blue shorts, dark shirt, baseball hat, phone with white ear buds. He had on sunglasses that had a lighter tint to them.

I thought I hit the record button on my gopro, so I could film this man stalking me in the woods.
Come to find out, the Gopro did not record 🙁

The man ended up stopping on a trail and hopped on his cell phone and either began to scream at someone on the phone, or acted like he was screaming at someone on the phone.

I did not report it to the police at that time. I figured it was just some creep in the woods. You come across people like that at times in the woods.  So I didn’t put much thought into it. Kinda blew it off as a creep in the woods.

The next day (Wednesday)  someone sent me a news tip about an incident that happened at the park recently.  Sources were wanting me to do a story on it.  A Hispanic man attacked a teen girl that was running.  When I heard the description of the suspect, it resembled the man who stalked me in the woods!

When I first found out, I was under the impression it happened the same day that man stalked me in the woods.   I found out later on that it happened on Monday, and not the same day (Tuesday) the man followed me in the woods.

I figured I would tell Officer Lehannah and Officer Alvarez about the man who followed me in the woods. That way if it was the same man, they had more info to go on. I met them at the Park office and told them about the man who stalked me in the woods.

I told them about the man stalking me in the woods and I offered to show them exactly where it happened.  They decided to not let me show them where it happened at.   I thought it was odd, they did not want to know where the exact locations were at. I figured it was very important to show them where it happened, so they knew what area the man was at.

At the time when I was talking to the officers, I had not yet checked my Gopro. So I thought at the time I was talking to the officers, that I had recorded the man who stalked me in the woods. And they wanted to see the video of the man.  I went back home and checked my Gopro so I could give the officers the video, and found out it did not record 🙁

I ended up going on my bike and taking my cell phone with and physically went to each spot that I saw the man stalking me. I did the GPS coordinates of where I first saw him, the trail head and the last place I saw him.  I also took a photo of the spots and sent them to Officer Alvarez.   I sent the exact GPS along with a photo of each spot.  That way if the GPS coordinates were off, he would have a photo to cross reference the location.

I ended up talking to the victims mother for a bit throughout the day.
I  told her about the man who stalked me in the woods.

After I talked to Officer Lehannah and Officer Alvarez: That is when she told me their incident happened on Monday, not on Tuesday.  And I told her the description of the man who stalked me in the woods. She then told me that it probably was not the same man.

I then texted Officer Alverez and told him, the man who stalked me in the woods may not be the same one he was investigating, based on what she had just told me.

Then that got me thinking, that there is possibly TWO creeps in the woods!
That is a very scary!

I just got into the metal detecting hobby recently. So now I am wondering if I should go out to metal detect, for the fear of my safety! There is 1 possibly 2 creeps in the woods, in the same area I want to metal detect. 🙁

Below is from the victims mother, she posted online about the man who attacked her daughter. You can see the description she posted of the man who attacked her daughter, resembles the man who stalked me in the woods

So if you are out in the park, LOOK OUT FOR THIS MAN! If you see him, call the police right away!

I am just learning my metal detector, and once I get the hang of it I plan on starting a Youtube channel for my metal detecting. When I was talking to the officers, they were asking me a bunch of questions. And they asked if I had a Youtube channel that I post my metal detector stuff on.

I don’t think they realize I just started metal detecting and I am just learning and researching areas for future metal detecting. I have been out a few times metal detecting, but I still have a lot to learn.

But their questions gave me a great idea, to create a Youtube video on my metal detect hunts in the future. Which is an awesome idea!

I know I have watched several Youtube videos on metal detecting and know they are popular.  So once I get the hang of things, I will create a Youtube channel for my metal detecting!

Rickie Traeger: First Time Metal Detecting In Years


I went metal detecting today. The first time in a looooooong time! 

I got several of the infamous pull tabs.  Nothing like diggging a hole and trying to find what the metal detector hit on. To dig and dig and search and search, to only find out it is just a pull tab.  Yup, it was that kinda day, LOL.

But, I did find a few wire pieces and  2 pocket knives.

In the process I sliced open my finger, and my palm.  Oh let’s not forget the thorns too…

While I was out there metal detecting, I saw this cute creature.


Rickie Traeger: Ancient Aliens And Secret Societies

I am reading this book called “Ancient Aliens And Secret Societies”  

I have not gotten far into it yet. 5% according to my kindle. So I am not far in it at all.  But I already have questions and opinions.

I want to know as of right now, from a scientific approach with evidence.  How was man created?

Again, not legends, not hearsay, not from the bible.  A real scientific approach with evidence.   How was man created?

In this book it talks about how god created man.  And then it also is explaining how the aliens that are god like, created man.

As many of you know the version in the bible with the ark, great flood, etc…   They are describing a similar scenario but from the alien god like perspective.

It is very similar between the two stories.  Did one copy the other? Did they really happen at all?

I am not to educated in the topic of the Anunnaki.   I know from being in the paranormal field, I hear it a lot.  I know a lot of stuff. A lot more than most. But I never did educate myself on the Anunnaki topic.   So that is one of the reasons why i got this book. So I can learn about that topic and many others.  Like I said, I am only 5% into the book, so I still have a long ways to go.  But I am looking forward to reading this book, and hope to learn new things 🙂